Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Charm of Justin Bieber

One thing that cracks me up on Twitter is when people ask, "Who the heck is Justin Bieber?" because he is always in the top 10 trending topics.

I know who he is - he's a cute kid, catchy songs... haven't downloaded any yet but I'm sure at one point I will. But I wouldn't say I have Bieber Fever or anything but I can see why he is so popular.

This past weekend I was in DC with my sis and we were watching Saturday Night Live with host Tina Fey and musical guest - you guessed it - Justin Bieber. Now my sister didn't really know him too well... she knew the name but I don't think she knew any of his songs or what he looked like, etc.

Fast forward to his first musical performance of his big hit, "Baby".

At this point, I wasn't really watching. I think I was engrossed in a game of WordPops on my iPhone at the time. Meanwhile, I heard the following outbursts from my sister:

"Oh, this kid is cute."
"Ooh, look at him dance!"
"Wow, he's gliding!"
"He can rap, too? He's so good!"
"Wow, this kid is gonna be big!"
"Man, he can do anything!"
"This kid should be in movies!"
"He's gonna be a big star!"

And so on and so on... it was so funny! I think it ended with her saying something like how she has Bieber Fever now. LOL.

It was just so amusing to witness firsthand Justin Bieber charming an older lady, aka my sister.
I guess he's got IT, whatever IT is.

Later, I had to see for myself what was so special about him. If you haven't seen his music videos, you can find them here. They're pretty cute - usually him chasing down a dark haired girl. And I like any video with a dance break in them.

You should also check out his personal videos here - which is how he got started. It's cute to see the old videos where he is singing acapella and stuff and even plays the guitar!