Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My Take: Dancing with the Stars

Bye-bye, Clyde, it was nice knowin' ya! But I can't believe Heather Mills was also in the bottom two - I thought for sure she had a big fan base. Are people that miffed about the whole Paul McCartney thing?

Loved the swing dancing routine with the pros - did you guys catch Louis Van Amstel in the bunch? They usually don't do swing on this show, do they? Usually, it's just the jive, right? I love swing dancing so I hope they do that dance next week.

As for Lisa Rinna's Broadway debut for Chicago... hmmm... honestly, I wasn't loving it. She's not a singer and it didn't sound that great on TV - maybe it will be better in the theater? I also hope they do something different with her hair on Broadway - right now, I don't see Roxie Hart, I just see Lisa Rinna and her humongo lips.

I really like the behind-the-scene bits that the show does. Three and a half hours of make-up??? Yikes.

My Take: American Idol - Country Night

Was anyone else surprised that Phil Stacey considers himself a country singer? Sanjaya was pretty bad BUT I liked that he was busting out a little bit more this week. Randy's comment about liking the "scarf" on his head was pretty comical. Interesting that LaKisha sang a song from former American Idol winner, Carrie Underwood. It was good - but I like Carrie's version better. It was weird... LaKisha actually sounded pretty off tonight. Liked Melinda's new look and she was definitely a lot of fun this week. Had to appreciate Simon's comment to Melinda that she needs to drop the whole being surprised reaction when getting praised.

SNL: Shia LaBeouf and Avril Lavigne

I forgot to mention that I actually got to watch Saturday Night Live this past weekend. The host was Shia LaBeouf (cutie from Disney Channel's Even Stevens, now starring in the new movie, Disturbia). Shia did a great job although there weren't really any stand-out sketches or anything.

As for Avril Lavigne, she was the worst SNL musical performer I've ever seen! (And I've seen the SNL episodes with Britney, Ashlee Simpson, etc.) I can't believe she's sold millions of albums and has been out on tour and stuff because she had absolutely no stage presence. She was just so blah and awkward for such a peppy song like "Girlfriend". Her back up singers were way more entertaining than she was.

Dancing with the Stars: Rhumba and Samba

You know, with both Joey Fatone and Laila Ali consistently rockin' it on the dance floor, who would have thought the first perfect 30 score would go to cutie pies, Apolo Ohno and his partner Julianne Hough. Their samba was definitely my fave for the night and will probably get the encore performance in tonight's result show:

I also liked Joey Fatone's rhumba, even though I was a bit distracted by his song, "Besame Mucho", which I will forever associate with Sanjaya's latin night performance. It was cute to see Lance Bass helping him out, but is Joey also really friends with Alfonso Ribeiro? By the way, last time I saw Alfonso, he was on the singing version of DWTS, a little show called Celebrity Duets on Fox - anyone else catch that?

Speaking of random guests - I wonder who Mrs. Brady (Florence Henderson) is friends with?

I loved the bit where Laila's football player fiance came to inspect their rhumba rehearsal - very cute!

As for Heather and her partner Jonathon, I don't know which was more awkward to watch - him getting all his chest hair waxed off (OUCH!!!) or her falling at the very end of their routine when she tried to balance on her faux leg. She's a champ, that's for sure.

Finally, I really hope the b-ball fans give Clyde a rest and that he gets eliminated tonight. He is super dull to watch and I would rather watch Cliff Clavin any day over him. I mean, even Master P provided a little bit of entertainment.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Brothers & Sisters: Fave Moment

Brothers & Sisters is like the new Grey's Anatomy. At first you tune in because you're already there for Desperate Housewives but eventually it proves to be an even better show than DH. I love the way the "kids" all interact with each other.

This week had a cute theme where the Walkers decide to have a game night challenge with their rivals, the Jones (a family that also had five kids the same age as the Walkers). It was cute to see Susan Sullivan and Jenna Elfman as a mother-daughter combo again (with a bit of a different spin from their Dharma & Greg days).

But my favorite "laugh out loud" moment was during the charades game when Tommy failed at getting his family to guess Jurassic Park. Kevin then argued with "That was a dinosaur???" and then busted into a sequence of hilarious dinosaur imitations! I wish I had a video clip - it was too funny.

As a side note, I do NOT like the story line where Sarah's husband kissed Rebecca...

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Lost - What's up, Juliet?

Well, tonight's episode was very interesting!!! Lots of questions were answered but what was up with that ending? Who exactly is Juliet playing? I really want to like her!

My Take: American Idol - Latin Night

J. Lo's in the house! I thought she did a great job with the kids. I loved her enthusiasm regarding being a fan of the show and she really gave good advice to all the singers. And I was so shocked that she dug Sanjaya!

Speaking of Sanjaya, he once again sported a new look but this one wasn't as laughable as some of the others. They trimmed his curly locks and he grew in a little bit of a mustache. And you know what? It kind of worked for his performance of "Besame Mucho":

Unfortunately, it was the end of the road for Haley Scarnato. Although I thought Simon's comment was a bit harsh - it is what we were all thinking (right, Amanda? heehee!) I mean, how much shorter can she go?

I loved that bit they did with Tony Bennett pretending to audition for AI. And I thought it was weird that Akon appeared again since he was just there for the Gwen Stefani episode. But then I remembered reading that they taped his solo performance that same day because one of the audience members was tired of having to wave their arm back and forth. And I liked his song ("Don't Matter"), but it seemed so repetitive!

Next week is country with Martina McBride...

My Take: Dancing with the Stars

I sort of was happy that Leeza Gibbons went bye-bye. I know it's her profession and all, but she was just such a talker! She was always adding too much extra commentary and her interviews didn't seem as fun as the other ones because they just seemed so rehearsed and not natural conversation. Plus - she really wasn't that good of a dancer! Her tango last week was a huge snooze and I know they tried to spice it up this week with their bad-a** outfits and all, but it was still a bore to me.

And as usual, Joey Fatone's paso doble was my favorite of the night:

BTW - aren't the DWTS result shows so much more entertaining than the AI ones?

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

My Take: American Idol - The Classics

I dig Tony Bennett - I mean, he's still a hip cat, even at 80!!! But what was up with the Century 21 jacket? And what was up with him being a fan of Sanjaya??? Fascinating. On a related note, I think my favorite audience sign from this evening was "Sanjaya Is My Papaya". (What does that even mean???)

I still liked Blake the best but I also enjoyed seeing more of Melinda's sassy side. I didn't think much at first of Chris's performance, but liked it more upon second viewing. Sanjaya and Haley were more in their element with this week's "adult contemporary" theme. LaKisha was good but old-fashioned as usual. Jordin was also good but nothing spectacular. I guess it was hard for Gina to work her rocker angle with this week's theme but I think this week's subtle performance might work against her. It reminded me of Nikki McKibbin from season one when she went from a "rocker" style to a soap opera actress style when she sang "Ben" from the Jackson 5. Phil was a total snooze so I pick him for elimination tomorrow.

Hook-Up Report: Cute ABC Couple!

So I didn't know this... I was reading an interview with actor Dave Annable, who plays youngest son Justin on ABC's Brothers & Sisters (an excellent show by the way!), and it appears he is dating Kate Walsh, aka. Dr. Addison Montgomery from Grey's Anatomy.

TVGuide.com: You're dating Kate Walsh (Grey's Anatomy). Is that official...? Can we talk about this?
Annable: Let's kind of shy away from that.... [Laughs] It tends to sort of take over [the conversation], I'm starting to learn.

On a random note, I was thinking about all my TV crushes and just realized they are all from ABC shows! In no particular order, here is my current list:I also am a big fan of Blake from MTV's Dancelife but that show is over...

Monday, April 02, 2007

My Take: The Hills Season Finale

Chicks like Heidi fascinate me. She does not appear to have one single friend who can remotely tolerate Spencer, yet she still adores him. WHY??? I mean - talk about dysfunctional relationship: Spencer asks Heidi to move in with him, she says no, he says get out of my car, they don't talk, then he calls and refers to her as sweetheart and asks her to meet him at the new place he got for them anyway, so she agrees to move in with him!!! Huh??? Ugh.

OK more reasons to hate Spencer:

  • He doesn't really want to live with Heidi, he just doesn't want Heidi to live with Lauren. Nice.
  • His current condo is covered in that cheesy leopard print crap.
  • He still complains that it took Heidi a long time to decide to move in with him - after she already moved in with him!!! Quit your whining - you won, you loser.

Lauren cracks me up. I love when she told Heidi that she doesn't live with her, she lives with her stuff. (Personally, I prefer to live with someone's stuff.) And all that sarcasm when she heard the news about Heidi moving in with Spencer... "What could go wrong?"

And Heidi literally moved the next day??? Really? Because I would think it would take that girl at least a week just to pack her stuff. I was amused that her and Spencer used U-Haul like us normal folk. For some reason, I would have thought they would have hired professional packers and movers.

It sure didn't take Lauren long to find a new roommate - and wasn't Audrina living by herself before?

Finally, they're not going to tell us if Whitney got the Teen Vogue job? Geesh.

The New Bachelor

Caught a little bit of the premiere of The Bachelor (before I had to switch to the season finale of The Hills). The new guy, Andy Baldwin, is quite accomplished (navy, doctor, triathlete, humanitarian, etc...) and a cutie! Plus he seems to be a total sweetheart, which I don't think we've seen in awhile with these dudes.

So.... ummm.... yeah, I approve. :)

Although, I didn't like that cheesy car he arrived in... I know it's not a Delorean (as in Back to the Future) , but what was it?

Anyway, what are your thoughts on the new bachelor?

So this is Krumping?

If you have ABC Family, you have to check out Bring It On: All or Nothing. It's a sequel to the Kirsten Dunst/Gabrielle Union flick known for giving us spirit fingers. In All or Nothing, you have Hayden Panettiere (the cheerleader from Heroes) in the Kirsten role (with a little bit of Clueless/Legally Blonde mixed in) and Solange Knowles Smith (aka Beyonce's baby sister) as the tough captain of the cheerleader squad.

(On a side note, there was another direct-to-video sequel, Bring It On Again, but that was a total no name dud. Yes, I've seen it on TV, too.)

Anyway, this movie is quite entertaining. Don't get me wrong, it's cheesy with some bad attempts at dirty innuendo jokes but still - they actually attempted to integrate krumping into this cheesy high school cheerleading movie! I've never seen David LaChapelle's documentary on this urban dance form, Rize, but I'm pretty sure it was nothing like this.

Here's a clip that I think will give you guys an idea on what I am talking about. You get to see Hayden first learn about krumping... and try it herself!!! (It gets really interesting at about 1:30 into the clip)

If you just want to see some basic cheerleading, they have that, too. Here's a clip of their final competition piece... which this time is to win a spot in a Rhianna video.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Fun with April Fools Day

I almost forgot about April Fools Day ... until I started surfing the web tonight. This website had some fun:

On a separate note - as expected, Donald Trump got to keep his 'do.