Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lost's Amazing Season Finale


Found some really interesting, spoilerish interviews - read at your own risk!

Interview with "Michael", Harold Perrineau

Interview with "Ben", Michael Emerson: Part One and Two


What a finale! I'm bummed that we're in summer hiatus (or longer?) but what an awesome two hour send off. Here are some of my thoughts on the show...

Moments Worth Noting:

- When Keamy was chasing Kate and Ben, and then out of nowhere Sayid jumps out and tackles him! I caught myself literally pumping my fist in the air yelling, "Yeah! Yeah! Get him Sayid!!!"

- Sawyer's kiss to Kate before he sacrified himself and jumped off the helicopter so that the others could return to the freighter

- The moment we realize the bomb was detonated. I was cringing and hiding under pillows waiting for the freighter to explode.

- Then finally seeing it explode from the perspective of the helicopter - heartbreaking because moments before we see Sun spot Jin running out onto the deck. Sun's piercing screams - first at the explosion and then when she realizes Jin is gone - gave me shivers.

- Got another classic bitchy Sun scene - this time with Mr. Widmore. Loved it! And it was interesting to hear Mr. Widmore (aka Bradford Meade aka Caleb Nichol) in his native New Zealand accent.

- The long-awaited reunion of Desmond and Penny! So happy for you, brother.

- Well, what do you know, Ben actually moved the island!!!

- At the end, when flash forward Jack breaks into the funeral home and opens that mysterious coffin - when Ben appeared with the soft spoken "Hello Jack", he not only scared the crap out of Jack, he scared the crap out of me!!! (even on the second viewing!)

- We *finally* get the answer to who was in the coffin - plus two other alternative endings

Things to Ponder:

- So somehow John Locke left the island and visits everyone as Jeremy something or other... it'll be interesting to see how all that unfolds.

- Remember when Jack overheard Kate on the phone during a flash forward scene and Kate was planning to meet up with someone - who do you think that was? Locke? Sawyer?

- If things actually happened as they appeared, then both Michael and Jin died in the freighter explosion. However, Hurley later tells Walt that they're all lying to protect those still on the island - including Michael. So maybe they are still alive? (And if so, how would Hurley know that? I guess from his chats with dead people...) Can the island still have special powers over them even though they're not on the island? Didn't Mr. Friendly tell Michael that the island wouldn't let him die?

- What is Sun's positioning with Widmore? She tells him, "As you know, we're not the only ones that left the island." So did Widmore visit that island, too?

- Is Charlotte a product of the Dharma Initiative?

- Why hadn't Sayid visited Hurley in awhile? And where was he taking him now?

- What did Sawyer whisper in Kate's ear before he jumped? "Just do it, freckles." Do what??? Is this the answer?

- I still don't get the theories that explain Christian Shepherd's presence. OK, maybe because I haven't really dug up any. Why did he appear before Michael before the freighter exploded?

- I wonder what happened to the guys (including Faraday) on the zodiac craft in transit from the island to the freighter

- Does Locke become the new Ben back at the island?

- Ben tells Jack that he's heard Jack has been flying on passenger planes hoping that he would crash again. We know Jack just told Kate this - was Ben somehow there listening?

- Locke (or Jeremy) tells Jack that very bad things happen on the island after he left. Uh oh... Even Kate gets a phone call that tells her she needs to return

- We learn from Ben that everyone has to go back to help all their friends still on the island. He mentioned that included Locke. Does that also include Walt then? How is Jack going to convince Kate to go - isn't she stuck there as part of her parole conditions? Plus she had that nightmare of Claire insisting that Kate can't bring Aaron back to the island.

- I feel like next season will be an even darker season - or at least have some darker moments. Hurley is crazy and the Oceanic 6 become more estranged, bad things happen on the island, Nadia is murdered... and isn't Ben focused on killing Penny as revenge for his daughter's murder?

Funny quotes:

"I'm going to keep my eye on you, Shorty." - Rose to Miles

"Hey Kenny Rogers." - Sawyer to Frank

"Dude, I've been having regular conversations with dead people. The last thing I need now is paranoia." - Hurley to Sayid

"You’re getting big, dude." - Hurley to Walt

Other Thoughts...

I quickly reviewed some recaps from and and as usual, there was a bunch of stuff I missed or didn't pick up on my own. Here's just a few:

- When Christian tells Michael, "You can go now, Michael." - it may be to indicate that Michael fulfilled his duties and is no longer bound to the island. But that also mean that he is now free to kick the bucket.

- When Ben decides to move the island, he is agreeing to leave the island and then ends up where he found him in that episode earlier this season. He tells Locke to take over as leader of the Others.

- In the season premiere, Hurley told Jack he wished he had stayed with him instead of going with Locke - what was he referring to?

Well, I'm sure there is so much more to discuss but that's what I have for now. Can't wait to hear everyone else's take on the finale.

Lost finale night!

Ooh boy... so excited!

I just have to say... I *love* the scene when Sun tells off her dad and reveals she bought a controlling interest in his company. It was so awesome. Her dad is getting in her face all barky-barky and stuff but she doesn't flinch a bit. The way she delivers the news was so cold and intense ... she kinda scared me!

Go Sun!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Curious about those SYTYCD tickets to Vegas?

... or is just me?

My favorite dance show, So You Think You Can Dance, is back - yay! We start with the audition rounds. If you make it to the next round (similar to Hollywood for American Idol), you get a ticket to Vegas.

Now on Idol, your ticket to Hollywood is some generic looking yellow piece of paper. But on SYTYCD, you get this very legitimate looking old school paper plane ticket. You know, the kind you used to get before the era of e-ticketing.

And I wondered - can you still get generic plane tickets? With no name associated with them? I know, I know, why am I wondering about this??? I can't help it. I like useless info! (See previous post.)

Anyway, on tonight's episode, I actually paused my DVR on a close up of a ticket so that I can examine it.

What did I learn?


I know, no surprise. But they make it look pretty real. Except that the "ticket" is slightly larger and the airline is "SYTYCD Airlines".

Anyway, you know that mom that brought all her kids to the audition and did sort of a hip hop routine? Is that what I looked like during all those dance recitals that I dragged all my friends and family to???

Eh... don't answer that.

Monday, May 26, 2008

In case you were wondering...

I happened to mention to some friends my excitement that Serena and Dan from Gossip Girl were dating in real life. (Although I am still bummed that the characters broke up in the season finale. *sigh* )

And someone thought that was crazy because he thought Blake Lively (Serena) was much older than Penn Badgley (Dan). Personally, I think they all look pretty young BUT I decided to research it anyway. So here it is - more useless information!

  • Serena - Blake Lively, 20, DOB: 25 August 1987 (SEE!!!)
  • Dan - Penn Badgley, 21, DOB: 1 November 1986
  • Blair - Leighton Meester, 22, DOB: 9 April 1986
  • Nate - Chace Crawford, 22, DOB: 18 July 1985
  • Chuck - Ed Westwick, 20, DOB: 27 June 1987
  • Jenny - Taylor Momsen, 14, DOB: 26 July 1993
Holy crap! Jenny is only 14? That makes the scene from the pilot when she was being mauled by Chuck even creepier.

Anyway, more comments from the finale:

Fashion-wise, I loved Serena's dress for the wedding, she definitely looked like a model. Blair's look was a little too flowery for me, but I think it worked for her. I *hated* Vanessa's number - Jenny could have done a much better job with that.

Michelle Trachtenberg did a great job with her Georgina role. I keep seeing commercials for her new ABC Family movie where she plays a race car driver and I just think, "oooh... evil race car driver!" I wonder if her character will be back on Gossip Girl.

I'm glad they wrapped up the Lily / Rufus storyline. Rufus is sooooo lame. But I like Lily - she's the only adult character I do like on the show. But watching Rufus serenade her during that 90's concert thing was painful.

What about the ending? Are there new couplings being planned? Nate and Serena, Dan and Vanessa, etc. I think Chuck and Blair should get back together - it's cute! In a weird way...

I heard they might bring back the show this summer - hope so! Until then...