Thursday, March 29, 2007

Shaved heads are so February 2007!

So wait - this is actually for real???

Imagine The Donald without the hair ... It could happen, thanks to Vince McMahon

I had heard about this but didn't think much of it. I just figured it was yet another publicity stunt and that Donald wouldn't actually go through with it but I guess this weekend, it's on!

Then again, it's on April 1st - this wouldn't be an April fool's day joke, would it?

And honestly, after Britney shockingly shaved off her locks, is it really that big of a deal if Donald does it? OK, I guess his 'do is a big part of his "essence", but still - who cares?

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Peyton Manning rocks SNL

So it looks like Peyton Manning got some good reviews from his SNL stint this past weekend. Some of the highlights were his opening monologue where he makes fun of his mom for not being in the NFL like himself, his dad, and his bro and the United Way clip where he has some questionable mentoring styles.

However, I think this clip of him dancing is my favorite:

My Take: Dancing with the Stars - Bye Bye Paulina

You know, I wasn't expecting Paulina to be in the bottom two - maybe she wasn't the best dancer, she did give cute interviews. Too bad for her partner Alec Mazo - he won season one and now he is the first one out. Miss USA Shandi was the other one in the bottom two so it looks like Clyde's and Billy Ray's fan bases are rallying for them.

Loved that they chose Laila Ali's mambo performance for the encore tonight. Plus I think her partner, Maksim, is my fave out of all the boys.

I like Laila but her voice just throws me off. Sometimes I'm on my computer or doing something else when the show is on, so when they do these montage of interviews, her voice always catches me off guard because immediately it makes me think, "Is that a dude or a chick?" And then I look and oh, it's just Laila.

Loved the group performance of the jive to Queen's "Can't Stop Me Now" - so much better than anything we'll see on tomorrow's American Idol.

My Take: American Idol - Pop Time

Wow. OK, so I guess I could rundown my thoughts on tonight's performances... but honestly - is there anything else worth mentioning besides Sanjaya's new look tonight???

I mean, I thought we had seen it all with the ponytail and fedora combo, the curly hair, the flat-ironed hair, etc, but obviously those were just the tip of the iceberg! Check it out:

Well, at least he tried to rock it... in his own way, of course. I love how Simon just gave up on critiquing him when he commented, "I don't think it matters anymore what we say actually... You are in your own universe, so if people like you - good luck!"

Anyway, I guess there are some other things I could mention. That was super cool that they got Gwen Stefani to mentor the kids this week - someone not from our parents' era!!! I was impressed by the kids that actually chose No Doubt/Gwen songs to perform (yes, that means you Sanjaya!!!).

I'm glad Blake refrained from beatboxing this time around... I still think at this point, I would only buy his CD out of the bunch. Jordin was definitely adorable although I was not digging her outfit. I thought Gina did well (and I love the song she chose) and agree that Haley was way too "adult contemporary" with her True Colors performance. I see she is still going to work her leggy angle - it does seem to work for her!

It'll be fun to see Gwen perform tomorrow night!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My Take: The Hills - Way to go, Whitney!

How adorable is Whitney?

I felt so bad for her when she tripped in Hilary Swank's Oscar dress on live national TV during Good Morning America. Not surprised that she couldn't fight back the tears when Lauren tried to comfort her afterward. Especially with super intern Emily right there. And why did Emily also get to appear in the Oscar bit?

Anyway, talk about awesome recovery! I was expecting one of those stern Lisa Love lectures but instead she just comforted Whitney and even told her that a couple big Vogue hotshots were very impressed with her and that they felt she represented Teen Vogue very well. And that Lisa was recommending her for some Fashion Consultant position where Whitney could end up being Lauren's boss. Of course, she would also have to compete with super intern Emily as well - duh duh dunnnnnnnnn!

In the other news, Spencer and Heidi broke up. If only it would stick. :(

Finally, some Laguna Beach news - Jessica was arrested!!! And has a mug shot!!! Click pic for more info:

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Love Actually Hottie Has a New Look in 300

So I recently saw 300 and only afterward did I find out that one of my crushes was in it!

Would you believe that cutie Karl from Love Actually

is the Persian king Xerxes from 300???

Saturday, March 24, 2007

My Take: The Hills - Rockin' Lauren

Honestly, I love surprises and all - but what Heidi did was a really crappy way to throw Lauren a surprise birthday party for her big 21st. I mean, it's no secret that Lauren hates Spencer and she's already frustrated that Heidi keeps ditching her to spend time with him. So now it's Lauren's birthday and Heidi makes plans to take her out for dinner. They're all primping and ready to go and right then is when Heidi drops the bomb that she can't take Lauren out and must run off to meet up with Spencer. I mean, she literally left Lauren in a state of being all dressed up with no place to go! I'm surprised Lauren handled it the way she did - I think I would have been bawling. Seriously.

It was so funny when Audrina and Heidi were scheming about this "brilliant" plan. They kept laughing at the crazy idea of Heidi actually ditching Lauren on her birthday. As in, can you imagine her actually doing something so heinous??? That would be as horrible, as ... oh I don't know... cheering on her best friend to hook up with a guy she had dated.

Anyway, luckily the surprise worked and Lauren had a wonderful birthday celebration. Not only that - it looks like she rekindled sparks with Brody! It was sort of cute seeing them interact at the party and on their date later... they were much more comfortable than some of their earlier dates which were painfully awkward to watch.

Then of course was the return of the notorious Jenn Bunney. I know this is mean, but she is so icky and skanky and the way she speaks is so annoying! That scene with her and Heidi at Bolthouse was pretty weird. I still don't get how Heidi can act all innocent when she was definitely Jenn's partner in crime during the Brody incident.

It was nice of Lauren to hear Jenn out - and it was awesome the way she clearly told Jenn off. Good for you, Lauren! We don't need Jenn, we've got Lo now!

The Office: I can't wait for April 5th!

Check out this new video clip from NBC. I love these little recap videos... but this one has a special little teaser scene from the upcoming episode to air April 5th.

Basically, we get to see how serious Roy was when he uttered the words "I'm going to kill Jim" after his big blow up at the bar when Pam confessed she had kissed Jim.

Friday, March 23, 2007

My Take: Grey's Anatomy

OK, seriously - is anyone else dying like I am about George and Izzie hooking up??? George's flashback was interesting - at least we know it wasn't all awkward like it was with him and Meredith. But man, that boy gets around!

His hungover state was pretty funny. Between his appearance and Callie's reaction, I felt like I could almost smell him thru my TV!

And what do you think was said in the closet when George confronted Izzie? Judging by her body language, it seems there may be something to this spoiler I had read. And I thought it was very admirable when George said he wasn't going to tell Callie. Sure, it could be a cop out but I think what he said is true. Why torture her to relieve his guilt? He'll just suffer on his own. But now he's going to end up being cold to her... ugh... no one will be happy. That's why it doesn't pay to cheat, people!!! :P

And how funny was it that Bailey ended up helping Sloan rock his interview with the board for the Chief of Surgery position. Her expression was hilarious. Bailey's the best...

I forgot to post a couple comments about last week's episode. I thought Colin Marlowe looked sort of familiar so I looked him up. He actually is played by the same guy that played that British dude Robin that Rebecca (Kirstie Alley) was dating on Cheers. I know - it's random but when I read his bio, that was the one where I thought - that's who it is!!!

And the old guy with the bullet in him for so many years? He was the team manager for the Cleveland Indians in the "Major League" movies.

I like how we always get to see new people as the patients. Like the guy from Spin City who got his foot amputated.

It's nice that Chief Webber is back to his white hair and beard, huh?

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Random Reality Tidbits

Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll

I thought this was a weird coinky-dink... Robin Antin, founder of the Pussycat Dolls, currently trying to find a new member on CW's Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll, is the sister of Jonathan Antin, the dude from Bravo's Blow Out.

Their parents must be so proud!

American Idol

I missed the show but I guess Stephanie got the boot. Disappointing, since I thought she was really talented. And isn't it crazy that Chris R. was in the bottom two??? Where are all the teenage groupie girls??? How are Haley and Sanjaya not in the bottom two?

Real-World Denver: The funniest outcome to a sorta scary cliffhanger

Apparently, in last week's episode, one of the cast members, Tyrie, got in a big argument with his GF. I think her name is Jazelle. And they're both wasted - so you know, this isn't going to end well. So they're back in the house arguing in one of the bathrooms since you know, cameras aren't allowed in there. But of course, we can hear everything. Jazelle doesn't want to listen to Tyrie so she tries to leave the bathroom but Tyrie grabs her arm and forcefully pulls her back in the bathroom and she starts crying and telling him to stop. Luckily, the roommates are home so they come to the rescue and Jazelle is really freaked out.

Anyway, there's more arguing and now they're outside and for some reason, the cops show up. They're just watching for now and I can't tell if it's because someone called them, or just that the roomies were really loud, or what. And that's where the episode ends.

THEN they show the teasers for this week's episode which is basically the cops cuffing Tyrie. So you would think this has something to do with his argument with Jazelle, right??? Oh, just wait.

So they're still arguing and Jazelle is trying to calm down. I guess Tyrie just needs to let off some steam so he goes for a walk. One of the other roomies, Stephen, sees that the cops are around so he chases down Tyrie, calms him down, and tells him to come back home. Tyrie eventually agrees so Stephen goes back to the house.

Tyrie starts to follow and he finally returns to the house. I mean, I think he was literally right outside the gate. And for reasons that probably only make sense to a big ole drunk dude, he decides to take a piss right outside the house. And the lovely producers even took the time to make sure to show the streams down the sidewalk. Nice. We get the point!!!

And THAT is why he got cuffed - for a UIP! Oh, man, the look on Stephen's face was so priceless when he realized what happened. I mean, he really was trying to watch out for his boy and Tyrie still gets busted - not for being borderline abusive, but just for being a dumbass.

I stopped watching after that. But boy, I thought that was pretty funny.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My Take: American Idol - The 60's

More random comments:

I'm so tired of Randy's standard critique, "Eh... it wasn't my favorite performance of yours..." Who cares!!!

What is up with that little girl in tears during Sanjaya's performance? You'd think the Beatles were there or something! Nice that they constantly cut to her during Sanjaya's performance :P

I'm not really buying Gina as a rocker... and her vocal really wasn't that good tonight.

Jordin's facial features is starting to remind me of America Ferrera (i.e. Ugly Betty) - anyone else seeing that?

Monday, March 19, 2007

My Take: Dancing with the Stars

OK, seriously - let's talk about these costume malfunctions! Karina's wig not coming off, Joey's mic flying off his booty, it was craziness! Guess we know this show really is live - well, on the East Coast anyway.

Random thoughts - well, Karina got screwed. She definitely deserves a chance at the championship (don't get me wrong, I'm still a big Cheryl fan) but that ain't happening with Billy Ray Cyrus as her partner. He's definitely the weak link in this season's competition. Although Leeza Gibbons was pretty stiff as well.

And Laila Ali - ooh la la! Definitely this season's nice surprise - she'll be fun to watch that's for sure.

Oooh... Pirates commercial! I'm excited to see that - even if the plot of #2 was completely lost on me.

OK, Brian Fortuna (Miss USA's partner) is super cheesy. Eeek!

Clyde was cute!

Heather Mills was good. Part of me wanted to figure out which was the fake leg, but the other part was sort of scared to look. But she did a good job so I didn't pay attention to the *leg*.

I didn't realize Apollo was so short... he definitely nailed the facial expressions. I was impressed!

Finally, here are my scores for off-the-cuff banter from the hosts:
Tom: 8
Samantha: 3
She's horrible!!!

And I know we're not kicking anyone off this week... but if we were, I would pick Billy Ray Cyrus. Unless all the Hannah Montana fans keep him in, in which case, my second guess is Miss USA.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My Take: American Idol - Results Show

Bad news = Brandon is gone.
Good news = Sanjaya was the other one in the bottom two.

So, yes, America is starting to wise up! And Haley still inexplicably seems to be somewhat safe since the next one in the bottom three was Phil. Oh well.

And I know she is THE Diana Ross, but don't you think that entrance was just a little bit self indulgent? Maybe I would have bought into it more if she didn't seem to keep stumbling in her heels afterward.

Haha - I forgot about the cheesy car commercials! This one was a little weird.

Did anyone get to catch Brandon's good-bye performance? Because it was completely cut where I am.

My Take: American Idol - Top 12 Take on Diana Ross

Normally, I look forward to the first "finalists" show with the big audience and bigger stage and stuff but mostly I like to see the stylist makeovers. But this time, there wasn't too much of a difference (well, except for one that will be named later) - I think the stylists did their thang with the contestants once they got to the Top 24.

Tonight's theme is Diana Ross and there was much hoopla on arrangements and forgetting words, etc. Here are some random comments on the individual contestants:

Brandon: Well, I don't want to say he choked or anything but woah, not the best showing. He totally forgot his words (and it was obvious - unlike others) and definitely hit a bad note in there. But I still like him - hope he makes it to next week.

Melinda: Well, obviously, she did an amazing job as expected but geez, Paula! All that blubbering nonsense!

Chris Sligh: I actually like what he did with "Endless Love". I mean, the original song is so cheesy (remember when Chandler and Phoebe did a duet of that song on Friends???) But I agree with Simon, keep the glasses.

Gina: I think she picked well with "Love Child". I liked it - she sounds a lot like Pink.

Sanjaya: Oh, geez, now what are they doing with his hair??? It's all Shirley Temple now!

Haley: Little shocked about Simon's pseudo-praise of her. Not sure about the whole stage presence thing, but there's not much to her voice, in my opinion - too thin!

Phil: He picked a good song for him, since he could belt a lot of it. I think I like him better with a hat :)

LaKisha: Oooh... Kiki, is it? She looked gorgeous tonight in that flowing gown. And of course she nailed her performance.

Blake: I actually liked what he did with "Blake-izing" his performance of "You Keep Me Hanging On". Plus he had some smooth dance moves and no beatboxing - woohoo!

Stephanie: I think she sounded really good. I don't really know how "Love Hangover" goes so I didn't miss the "good part" the judges all mentioned. My only thing is that her voice sounds just like Beyonce...

Chris Richardson: Maybe he doesn't have an awesome voice, but it's unique and he is a fun performer. He keeps reminding me of someone though, like Casey Affleck or something...

Jordin: She's adorable... I don't know if I would lump her with Melinda and LaKisha just yet but she did a nice job.

Tomorrow, Diana performs. And I'm worried that Brandon will be the first to go. :(

Monday, March 12, 2007

No More Rob and Amber :(

I just learned that Rob and Amber got eliminated from The Amazing Race - All Stars and I'm actually kind of bummed about it. I like them - I guess I find them a little endearing.

I wasn't even watching this show but I knew Rob and Amber were in it so I assumed they would do fairly well. I first started watching them in Survivor All Stars. I didn't watch the whole show so I only saw enough of Rob that I was amused with his whole BAH-sten accent and the cute relationship with AM-bah. I definitely caught the finale where they were the final two and I loved the proposal! (I'm a sap, I know...)

And then I sort of watched them when they appeared on The Amazing Race - Season Seven just out of curiosity. And OK, maybe I caught bits of their televised wedding. :)

So after two seasons of Survivor and one season of The Amazing Race under their belts, you'd think they'd be pretty hard to beat, right? At first they were! Apparently, they won the first three legs, then got eliminated on the fourth.

Oh, well, they still have each other, right? Here's a good post-elimination interview with Rob and Amber. Apparently, this whole reality show thing is gonna stick with them for awhile.

My Take: The Hills - Happy New Year (?)

Ugh... so much passive agressiveness on this show! Why do girls have to be so catty? Just talk to each other, you guys!

I hate those awkward scenes when someone is being left out. Like at Jenn's birthday dinner, when Lauren kept wishing her a happy birthday while Heidi and Jenn just kept looking at each other and whispering... basically conspiring to totally screw Lauren over later that night.

And although Heidi had already hurt Lauren, I still felt bad when this time, she was the one being left out. It's New Year's Eve and Lauren and Heidi have plans to spend it together. Sort of. Heidi is trying to please both the BF and her best friend so she plans to do dinner with just Spencer and then meet up with the rest of the girls for the countdown. But it seems like Lauren is just miffed that Spencer is there at all. So she surrounds herself with her other girls like Lo (Lo!!!) and Audrina, who I guess is now her new best friend. (BTW - I think Lauren was laying it on a bit too thick with her new "I love Audrina" act at the hair salon.) I think that's fair, because Heidi was still going to focus on Spencer even though she made an effort to meet up with Lauren and crew. Anyway, there was just so much underlying resentment - there was no way for Heidi and Lauren to have a good night together and patch things up. Unless, maybe they both got really wasted and started pouring out their hearts to each other. That would be good TV, huh???

Of course, Spencer didn't help as he continued to be an a**hole. He completely took pleasure in the fact that Lauren blew Heidi off at the end of the night. I mean, sure, he hates Lauren so I can understand that he would love for his GF to hate her, too, but c'mon, dude - Heidi was obviously hurt by Lauren's behavior. If you love her so much, why would you want to make her feel even worse? Would it kill you to genuinely comfort her??? He is such a LOSER!

And what happened to Lauren's blind date dude? Are we not going to see the cute hockey player guy anymore? Although I was impressed that Lauren asked that other guy from Colorade out. Very "Independent Woman" of her - Charlie's Angels would be proud.

It was good to have Lo back... although I was not digging her hair. The big rat's nest was not working for her... maybe if she had somehow managed to smooth out all the teasing a bit more...

Now let's talk next week's episode! We get Lauren's 21st birthday, another reunion with Brody, AND a confrontation between Lauren and Jenn???? Oooh... this is going to be so good!

Gap's Boyfriend Trouser Commercial - More than Meets the Eye

When I first saw Gap's "Boyfriend Trouser" commercial, I immediately thought, nooooooo - not that "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better" song! It's Ethel Merman's voice - so annoying! I never quite understood how she became such a big Broadway legend.

Anyway, the commercial is on all the time... so after many repeat viewings, I sort of noticed, hey, this isn't really like the other dancing Gap ads. As in, these two don't look like professional dancers. Then I noticed, hey, she looks like Claire Danes! And the dude - he looks like that guy from that "Little Children" movie with Kate Winslet!

And sure enough, after a quick online search, I discovered that yes, indeed, it is Claire Danes and Patrick Wilson. Was this obvious to everyone???

Update: After I initially posted this, I learned that Patrick Wilson has a Broadway background and Claire Danes grew up dancing and recently performed in a solo dance piece in NY.

Friday, March 09, 2007

The Office: Rainbow Connection Encore

Well, I do miss The Office while it's on break, but it was nice to see an "encore presentation" of the episode where Jim "coaches" Andy on how to flirt with Pam. The best moment? Andy serenading Pam with his falsetto rendition of "The Rainbow Connection" on his banjo. The cutest moment occurred in the very last few seconds of the clip.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Random comments on 30 Rock

Wow... the girlfriend of Liz Lemon's crush is the same chick from that Macauley Culkin flick "My Girl"!!! Man, are we getting old or what?

Also, is anyone watching Bravo's Top Design? Whenever I hear the sing-songy voice of host Todd Oldham, I can't help but think of Kenneth the page.

Loved the conversation between Jack and Tracy at the end about Catholics - how did Jack describe it again? Something like "crushable guilt"? Too funny... and too true... sigh

My Take: American Idol - Finally, We Get the Top 12!

Well, thank goodness America had the sense to end Antonella Barba's run. I really thought all this nudie photo hoopla was going to ensure her a spot in the top 12. So I am grateful for that. But honestly? Haley Scarnato??? Yuck! But I guess she is the lesser of two evils. I'm hoping she'll be the first to go. I honestly don't get who her fan base is - she's so blah blah blah! And it looks like Entertainment Weekly was right about Sabrina Sloan. I guess no one expected Haley to steal her spot.

And was Jared Cotter really that shocked he didn't make the top 12??? Geesh. And too bad about Sundance Head - I really thought he was a sure bet. But I'm happy that means Brandon Rogers is in - I was worried he wouldn't make the cut.

In addition to announcing the top 12, they introduced their "big surprise". Idol Gives Back! Now, for every phone call, $$$ will be donated to areas in need like Africa and New Orleans. That's cool - they do get a lot of viewers, might as well do something good.

And Carrie Underwood performed. She's a lot thinner now than when she was on the show. It's cool that she's had so much success.

Diana Ross will serve as their mentor next week - that should be fun. I wonder if they'll all be singing songs from The Supremes?

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

My Take: American Idol - And Now for the Girls...

Please, please, please - let's hope we say good-bye to Antonella Barba and Haley Scarnato tomorrow night. Antonella was horribly out of tune and Haley is just so cheesy - if she gets picked, I'm worried we'll have to suffer through her bad taste in music.

My other random comments:

  • Paula is so weird! After Simon basically tells Antonella that she sucks compared to everyone else, Paula's response: "Let's get to a warmer place"
  • Ryan looked very "mod squad" with his turtleneck and blazer combo
  • Gina sort of reminded me of Callie from Grey's Anatomy tonight
  • Simon may not be a fashion expert, but his comments from last week seemed to do the trick - both LaKisha and Gina improved their outfit choices that really matched their style

My Take: American Idol - Last 8 Boys Perform

So Randy and Paula think only 4 of the boys are worthy of being in the Top 12 - Simon thinks only three and a half. What does the half mean?

I like Blake Lewis and I once liked his beatboxing but now it's growing old on me - a little cheesy, I guess. He refrained from going there on the first round but has beatboxed in his last two performances and I think that's enough for me. My preference would be that he just sings during the competition shows and saves the beatboxing for the group numbers because those are cheesy regardless. Anyway, he's definitely in.

As for Chris Richardson, I think he's in, too, but I definitely was not hearing what the judges heard last night. I thought he totally sounded out of tune.

I totally agreed with Simon on his comments about Phil Stacey. His outfit was koo-koo (he looked like he was going fishing) and he definitely had these crazy, zombie-like eyes. He definitely sounds good on the notes he blasts and horrible on the softer ones... I guess that's what all the "lower register" comments were about. I don't know about him... oh, I just realized... he must be the half that Simon refers to, right?

Then we have Sanjaya Malakar. OK, I'm officially not a fan anymore, but you know he's going to make the top 12. I was always curious if they were going to do something with his look - I didn't think they were going to steal my hairstyle!!! Anyway, I guess it's better than the ponytail with hat thing from last week. But then the hula didn't help either...

I also am not a fan of Jared Cotter for the same reasons I mentioned last time. And I can't believe I'm saying this, but in regards to his performance of "If You Really Love Me" last night, I liked Ryan Starr's version better.

Sundance Head is starting to grow on me. He's OK in my book.

And I'm starting to like Brandon Rogers as well. I think he has a lot of potential. He's fun to watch, I just don't think he sounds the best he can. I hope he makes the top 12.

Finally, I originally was a big fan of Chris Sligh but now I'm sort of indifferent. I don't think his voice is that great but he's definitely popular so he's sure to be in the Top 12.

My Take: The Hills - It's Getting Juicy Now!

OK, so I had planned to boycott this show out of my disgust for Spencer, but things have been getting really interesting lately! And although Spencer is still involved, his actual screen time is pretty limited, which makes me a very happy girl.

So here's the scoop - last week, drama hit BIG TIME. You've got Lauren (the main chick) and her two good friends - Heidi (her roommate, fashion school drop-out now working at PR firm, and GF of yucky Spencer) and Jenn (her friend since middle school days from the Laguna Beach era which we can all verify because we've seen Jenn plenty of times in the first two seasons of LB as Lauren's sidekick). Now all three are good friends. Then you've got Spencer who's good friends with Brody Jenner. Spencer and Heidi basically get Brody and Lauren together. There was some smooching and really awkward macking on Brody's part, but I don't think things progressed too far as Lauren kept insisting that she was not ready to have a BF yet (due to break up with bonehead Jason - who's now headed to the slammer). Anyway, Jenn had been out to the clubs with the two duos where she had to suffer as the unfortunate fifth wheel. Heck, she even got booted off a couch so that Brody could whisper sweet nothings into Lauren's ear at some club.

Anyway, despite all this... Jenn's birthday is coming up and she decides she wants Brody as her present. CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS CRAP? I mean, seriously, all girls know that is a cardinal sin... you don't go after the boys that your friends have dated. Even if it wasn't serious. Plus Lauren has been her best friend forever. And why would you even be interested in someone that you've witnessed drooling over your friend? Geesh, have some self-respect, girl!

As if this wasn't crazy enough, Heidi (aka Lauren's other "best friend") encourages this! I mean, it was ridiculous the way her and Spencer were forcing Brody and Jenn together at the club on Jenn's birthday. I waiting for them to mash their faces together. It was so sad, because meanwhile, Lauren is doing her best to celebrate her friend's birthday (she ate carbs! she danced!) and just ends up getting ditched as Spencer, Heidi, Brody, and Jenn all sneak out to head back to Brody's condo where Jenn finally got her wish. Now I don't know what context "hook-up" means in this situation, but either way, baaaaaaaad friend. So now Lauren hates her and won't speak to her. Yet somehow she's willing to give Heidi a second chance.

But Jenn claims she is being treated unfairly. I mean, c'mon, she did call Lauren to ask for her permission to hook-up with her pseudo-ex. (Can you imagine how awkward that conversation was???)

Anyway, what those girls did was heinous BUT it was awesome to see Lauren really give it to them at the end. I was impressed with our dear LC since normally she's so passive about stuff... but not this time, she really told off both Jenn and Heidi and it was awesome.

So now we get to this week... what happened this week? Oh, right, Audrina and Lauren are really tight now and go on a double date. Lauren gets all excited because her date is a hockey player which I thought was funny, because when I hear hockey player, I immediately think of a meathead with missing teeth. Anyway, he's actually totally cute so hopefully those two will hit it off. Meanwhile, Heidi blows her off to see a movie with Spencer. OK, I know I shouldn't discuss him anymore, but seriously, what does she see in him??? I mean, she's completely giddy when she's around him. He's not hot, he's not even cute, and his personality sucks so what gives?

One more interesting thing... over in the Teen Vogue world, they are doing a photo sheet with some high schoolers. Their boss, Lisa Love (yes, that really is her name) asks if they know anyone and Whitney suggests her high school age younger sister who ends up landing the job. Did anyone else find it interesting that Lauren didn't suggest her own sister (Bree, aka the cry baby from Laguna Beach - Season 3)???

Anyway, they saved the best for last. Next week, we get to be reunited with LO!!!

Reality Show Junkies

Speaking of Pussycat Dolls, I watched the premiere of the Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll show. (Couldn't help it, it's in Veronica Mars's timeslot and old habits die hard). My question: is this going to add a doll to the group or replace the void to be left by Nicole Scherzinger, once she embarks on her solo career?

It's sort of like coming full circle, because I remember Nicole when she was on the Popstars show, another making the band type of reality competition, which eventually produced the girl group, Eden's Crush (heehee, I even have their CD!)

Anyway, I noticed one of the finalists, Melissa S., was also one of the finalists on another girl group reality competition, MTV's Making the Band with P.Diddy, a show that eventually produced Danity Kane (yep, I have their CD, too - heehee).

I guess I shouldn't be surprised, because I often see people on different reality shows. I remember Nikki McKibbin was on one of those Popstars shows before landing on American Idol. Then you've got Rob and Amber who went from Survivor to The Amazing Race.

And it's not even just the ones who have semi-famous status... For example, I swear I saw a girl that appeared on TLC's What Not to Wear later appear on one of those redecorating on a budget shows.

Anyway, it's just interesting, dontcha think?

A Brilliant Idea!

Timbaland wants to help Britney get her career back on track and I'm lovin' it! I never really knew who this Timbaland dude was and then all of a sudden he was bringing "SexyBack" with Justin, gettin' all "Promiscuous" with Nelly, and jammin' on a subway to "Wait a Minute" with the Pussycat Dolls - all songs that I personally love to shake my booty to on the dance floor. :)

And even better - he wants her childhood sweetheart, Justin Timberlake, to help out! Can you imagine - a song with Britney, Timbaland, AND Justin??? How could it not be a hit???

Article: Producer Timbaland wants to save Britney

Friday, March 02, 2007

My Take: Americal Idol - Down to 16

So should we just assume Sanjaya and Antonella are locked for this season's final 12? Oy.

Well, I was not "Feelin' Good" after this week's result show. Do you think this is now the American Idol "curse" song? AJ Tabaldo and Leslie Hunt both delivered good performances of "Feelin' Good" this week and now they are both gone... It's almost like the top 12 is pre-determined by the producers and not the viewers based on how much coverage they give these kids in the audition episodes. That would explain Alaina Alaxander's exit as well. As for Nicholas Pedro, well, I think that's more due to what Simon said - "lack of charisma".

Loved Leslie's final performance and her ad-libbing at the end, "Why did I choose to scat? Americans don't love jazz". This was much more entertaining than Alaina's breakdown during her performance (which to be honest, would probably be my state if I was in that situation).

And what was up with Kellie Pickler's ta-ta's??? Was she that busty during her stint on American Idol? And I'm totally not digging her hair - yes, it's country, but it's country from the Patsy Cline era. She's too young to be sportin' that kind of look! And the ditzy spider sushi comments are beyond expired... she needs a new schtick!!!

On a separate topic, a commenter pointed me to Elliot Yamin's album status. It's supposed to come out on March 20th and dude, I am so excited for it!!! So far, every clip I've heard sounds awesome - I love his voice. It has such a cool vibe to it. I've already downloaded "Movin' On" from iTunes and it rocks. Click his pic to get to his myspace page. Man, can you imagine if it was Elliot and Chris Daughtry in the final two last season? But you know, I guess this was for the best, huh?

Thursday, March 01, 2007

My Take: American Idol - Top 20

Twenty left and this time only three hours of performances - woohoo! Let's talk boys first... I definitely think Blake Lewis, Chris Sligh (he's married??? to a really cute girl??? shocker!), and Phil Stacey have secured their spots for the top 6 boys. Now who will be the other three??? Tough, very tough… part of me is worried that Sundance Head is a sure thing because he had a lot of buzz in the early audition episodes. He’s OK – but not my favorite. I think if it was up to me, the other three spots would go to AJ Tabaldo, Brandon Rogers, and Chris Richardson. I don’t think Chris has all that great of a voice, but he’d be good for the eye candy factor. Plus, is he pretty much the only tall one amongst the sea of short guy singers??? Jared Cotter gave a pretty good performance of "Let’s Get It On", but he’s kind of weird to me. He sort of reminds me of a turtle, he’s got so much eyebrow action going on, and personally, I found that hand down the face thing at the end of his performance kind of creepy. Nicholas Pedro is sort of dull and lately, so is Sanjaya Malakar. I mean, seriously, his last two performances could have been used to put a baby to sleep! And this sounds horrible, but in this week’s episode, his hat combined with his soft voice was sort of giving me the Michael Jackson vibe, which you know, is not a good thing these days!

As for the ladies, it’s a little less complicated. I think Melinda Dolittle, LaKisha Jones, and Jordin Sparks are safe for the top 6. I would love for Stephanie Edwards and Sabrina Sloan to join them, but I don’t know if all the "diva-ness" will cancel them out. For a little bit of rocker action, Gina Glocksen would be fun to watch too (btw – totally agreed with Simon... what was up with the red prom dress???). But to be honest, I would be OK if Gina got replaced by Leslie Hunt – sure, she’s a little awkward with her movements, but she has a different and cool sound. I think she’d be fun to watch, too. That means I’m ready to say good-bye to Alaina Alexander, Antonella Barba, and Haley Scarnato. Although, I’m worried – what if all the buzz around the photos keeps Antonella in? That would be unfortunate, because she has not had one good (or even decent!) performance since making the semi-finals. She sounded great during her initial audition but have not heard anything spectacular since then.

Finally, here are some video clips of my favorite performances this week:

Blake Lewis "Virtual Insanity"

Melinda Dolittle "My Funny Valentine"

Stephanie Edwards "Dangerously in Love"

OK, what are your thoughts? Who were your faves this week???