Thursday, September 24, 2009

PLEASE tell me you are watching Glee!!!

Because if you're not, you are missing out on some laugh out loud television. Last night's episode was a particular winner, as they did a fantastic job with utilizing Beyonce's Single Ladies in a really funny football storyline.

You can check out the final scene here - it is sooooo hilarious! (And adorable)

If you want to cut to the musical number, skip to 2:30. Don't miss Kurt's winning kick - I love the way he prepares for it!

(Nice to see Mike O'Malley guest star as Kurt's dad. My sis and I used to watch his old show "Yes, Dear" as filler TV, i.e. nothing else is on so let's watch this. They had a touching moment when Kurt came out to him.)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Yay for more Edward in the *new* New Moon trailer

Updated with full trailer:

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

So jealous of Ellen...

Friday, September 04, 2009

Trailers for new seasons of The City and The Hills

The City

I love Whitney, I think she is adorable. But I can not stand Olivia! She is so infuriating. And based on this trailer, it looks like she almost gets equal time. What about that cutie Erin? Can't we follow her instead? I can only hope that Olivia gets put in her place by the people at Elle which is the only thing that would redeem her presence this season.

The Hills

Are we supposed to believe that is Kristen's home in the opening shot of the trailer? OK. And who is she smooching in the end?

This could be an interesting season although I think Kristen's antics will probably get on my nerves. You know, the whole creating drama just for the sake of creating drama bit. And Heidi needs rehab? What? And oh Spencer... seriously, what is up with your Urban Cowboy hat?

What do you guys think about these new seasons?

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Sephora Candy Color Look

So... It's been awhile since I've done a makeup look on this blog. I feel my makeup skills are getting a little rusty (out of practice these days) so I'm going to try to do these more often.

There's a look I've been wanting to do for awhile so here it is finally! It is the "Candy Colors" look from the recent Sephora mailer. As soon as I saw it, I thought, ooh I want to try it. I noticed a lot of other Youtube makeup gurus had the same thought. You can see some other really well-done interpretations here and here.

And here's my version. Yes, I cheated and only did half my face. It wasn't intentional. I didn't like the light blue shadow that I originally applied on the first eye so I tried a different one on the other eye. I liked that one better and just kept rolling with it. Plus I didn't go out with this look so why waste that extra makeup, right?

As usual, the eyeshadows are a bit more vibrant in person than in these pics but I'm happy with how these came out.

Here's what I used:

Too Faced Eye Shadow Insurance
NYX Milk Jumbo Eye Shadow Pencil
MAC Steamy e/s (blue-ish color, applied with Shroom on top to make it more pastel)
Urban Decay Ransom e/s (purple)
MAC Shroom e/s
MAC Brule e/s - under brow
Bobbi Brown Black Ink gel eyeliner
MAC Spiked eyebrow pencil
Andrea Modlash #33

Mary Kay medium coverage foundation in Beige 400
MAC Stark Naked blush

MAC Subculture lip pencil
MAC Angel lipstick
MAC Love Nectar lustreglass