Monday, January 29, 2007

American Idol the Bulldozer

Wow - with 30+ million viewers, American Idol is really shaking things up in the worlds of network program schedulers!

It seemed that only ABC was running scared from American Idol. First, they announced it was pushing Lost back one h0ur to 10PM on Wednesdays. Then they moved the Dancing with the Stars performance show from Tuesdays to Mondays. Last week, they announced they were moving Knights of Prosperity up to 8:30PM from 9PM on Wednesdays. All these changes were made purely to save these shows from getting clobbered in the ratings by Simon and company.

But it looks like ABC is not alone. Variety magazine is reporting that CBS has pulled Armed and Famous from its schedule completely to save it from AI with plans to air the episodes in the summer.

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