Tuesday, January 16, 2007

American Idol - Season 6 Premieres

Ok, our old friends are back... AI6 kicked off with auditions in Minneapolis (hometown of Prince, which apparently is a well-known fact - not to me, but oh well) and Jewel joined as a guest judge.

Laugh out loud moments:

  • The dude that claimed to have an amazing vocal range who left in mid-audition to get water as he choked through a Celine Dion song. He later tried again with this Michael Jackson song but it just got worse... how are people this delusional???
  • The chick with the tie that could not remember the lyrics to the Kiss song by Prince but darn it, she would not give up as she kept tripping up her words
  • Simon's "stunned"expression while everyone else openly giggles during the audition of the girl that sings like the lion from the Wizard of Oz
  • Superfan's rendition of Under Pressure - I love that song and I had no idea where she was going with that intro... high pitch wailing! I do feel bad though b/c she claims to have 10 yrs training and a degree in vocal performance - what a waste.
  • The *rocker* singing Abba's "Dancing Queen" in that scruffy voice of his... I mean, was that really singing? And then he did Copacabana the same way! I agree with Jewel, he's probably killing his voice right now.

Trying to be funny but not:

  • Urban Amish dude
  • Guy dressed up like Apollo Creed trying to sing opera

Worth noting:

  • 16 yr old self-described "crack baby" who sang "And I Am Telling You..." - it wasn't J Hud but still very respectable
  • "Somewhere over the rainbow" girl with the long curly brown hair - nice voice


  • The girl whose boss flew her out from Cali to Minneapolis for her audition. After she bombs her initial song, she then gets a second chance by singing "Fever" (which she sings all breathy and lusty) while gazing at her boss (who's um, rather stocky and what I like to call slightly huggable)

I'm so confused by the Prince - Kiss montage. They showed all these singers doing the Kiss song - but a lot of them were singers that we've already seen and that wasn't their audition song. But we see them come in, sing, get rejected, then leave - so where does the Kiss song come in?

Overall, it seemed like a lot of the people that did go through fell in the "not the greatest singer, but America might like you" category. So I'm really hoping that means the good ones are being saved for later, otherwise, this is going to be a dull season. In which case, I wouldn't actually be surprised since last season churned out so many good ones. And Jewel, like most guest judges, didn't add much - I hope future guest judges are more opinionated and tough cookies. They need a Janice Dickinson for the music world!

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