Wednesday, January 17, 2007

American Idol: Seattle


  • I don't want to be rude, but Jennifer (one of the early singers that wouldn't take no for an answer) was one of the most unattractive females I've ever seen! Yikes...
  • Poor Amy (the Asian girl) - her husband didn't want her to audition and no wonder, she was horrible! But it was so sad b/c she really thought she could sing except that she was sick. Luckily, her son still thinks she sounds awesome. Oh another thing... ease up on the eyebrows!!! She's like that LeeAnne chick from Top Chef Season 1 - guilty of over-plucking!!!
  • I love how so many singers seem to think water will solve their bad singing - haven't seen it make a difference yet
  • Scratch my earlier comment about unattractive females, they just introduced the "blonde bombshell"... self-describes her style as "sexy" - represented by a huge button down blouse, black skirt, tights, and sneakers. Here's a tip I learned, if you have really horrible teeth, do NOT wear bright red lipstick. Or in her case, smear bright red lipstick all over your lips and then some.
  • HOLY CRAP! I can't blame this girl anymore, she adopted her style from her mom! Momma did not teach that girl right.
  • Why would you wear pink stockings on your arms and legs? I don't think that would do anything for anyone's figure!
  • I like the beatbox guy - sort of has a Justin Timberlake sound...
  • I also like the Indian girl with her brother at the auditions... the voice is sort of thin but pretty and she is really pretty, too.
  • Wow - her 17yr old brother really surprised me! He seemed all shy and geeky and awkward and then as soon as he started singing a little Stevie Wonder, he just lit up and shined! And nice class when he didn't 'fess up to who was the better singer.
  • Oy - the Zitzman dude... loved the silent interview with Seacrest afterward
  • I liked the Rudy guy that sang Journey's "Open Arms" - I was surprised when Simon immediately shot him down. Luckily, Randy and Paula sent him through

And so ends Seattle!

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