Friday, January 26, 2007

Secrets from Desperate Housewives Revealed *Spoiler Alert!*

TV Guide's Matt Webb Mitovich highlighted a great Desperate Housewives article from

DH's creator, Marc Cherry, had lots of interesting scoop on upcoming episodes. Some of the highlights:


  • Two Wisteria Lane weddings! "One is a quickie wedding. The other will be a big legendary soap opera wedding, the kind that folks are hopefully going to tune in for."
  • "Tom's back is going to give out and Lynette will have to run their restaurant all by herself."
  • "Edie will have a new romance with someone on the street. " (Highlight here to see with whom: Carlos)
  • "Disaster will loom in the triangle between [Edie's nephew] Austin, [Bree's daughter] Danielle and [Susan's daughter] Julie."
  • Rex will return to narrate an episode in a similar manner as Mary Alice.
  • To accommodate Marcia Cross's pregnancy, a story line was written that would cause Bree to leave town.
And here's an interesting bit of DH trivia. Originally, Marc Cherry did not want Marcia Cross for the role of Bree because he felt she didn't understand the joke. His first choice was Dana Delaney who kept turning them down. Eventually, he grew to admire Marcia's portrayal of Bree.

MediaVillage's exclusive interview with Marc Cherry:
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