Friday, January 19, 2007

Update on Grey's Anatomy

I just found out that George's storyline was based on the real-life experience of the writer of this episode. Same situation... her father went behind the family's back and told the surgeons to take the tumor out and that he would fight it. The surgeons agreed despite the already poor health of the father with his existing heart and liver conditions. He passed away days later. The writer still hasn't completely forgiven the surgeons for this and she describes the scene with George yelling at Webber and Bailey ("He didn't know any better!" You knew better!") as "wish fulfillment" because she never communicated that herself.

No wonder the episode was so moving and so true to life...

P.S. The farting thing was part of the real-life experience, too :P

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Amanda said...

Aww - that's why there was a rememberence for so-and-so at the end. That's awesome to know that she got some closure for herself. That's so sad though.