Sunday, February 04, 2007

Future of Wonder Woman?

I'm typically not a huge fan of comic book character movies (except for Spiderman of course!) but I've considered this on-going story sort of interesting.

Last November, Entertainment Weekly published an interview with Josh Whedon, creator of TV's Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which highlighted that his newest movie project was an adaptation of the DC Comics' superheroine Wonder Woman. At the time, he had mentioned that he was struggling with getting the script together.

Meanwhile, there were all these rumors about who would play the lead role (even Katherine McPhee!!!)

Yesterday, Whedon posted an update on his blog, Whedonesque, where he reveals he's no longer slated to make the Wonder Woman film. Basically, the studio and Whedon couldn't agree on that script. (Since then, the studio has purchased another Wonder Woman script, either to prevent another studio from making a WW film or possibly use themselves.)

Too bad... I would have been intrigued, even though I didn't watch Buffy myself. But he has so many die hard fans that it I bet it would have been good! The one interesting tidbit is that he makes a small comment in his blog that if had continued with this project, his first choice would have been Cobie Smulders, Robin from How I Met Your Mother. I can't tell if this was a joke or not, but she did look the part...

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