Sunday, February 11, 2007

Grammy Update

I didn't really watch the Grammys (because we finally had new episodes of Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters) but here are the big winners of the night:

Record of the Year: Dixie Chicks, "Not Ready to Make Nice"
Album of the Year: Dixie Chicks, "Taking the Long Way"
Best New Artist: Carrie Underwood

I guess country was the big winner tonight!

Some random comments on the bits I did see in hour one:

  • Justin Timberlake's performance where he directed a hand held camera right in front of his face while he sang ... I have to wonder if he did a test run on this, because it was a *very* unflattering angle
  • Liked the performance with Corrine Bailey Rae, John Legend, and John Mayer
  • Thought Mary J. Blige's first win was funny because she was determined to finish reading off her loooooooooong list of people to thank, even with the music urging her to get off the stage

Full list of winners can be found here.

2 fascinating comment(s) from my friends:

Amanda said...

The Dixie Chicks just sucked last night. One of them looked remotely grateful at each award - one just looked cluess and then the other was just plain annoying. I mean - their album wasn't THAT great. It did not deserve all 5 awards. Maybe the Grammy people were just trying to tell Country music fans to shove. I don't know. It just seemed ridiculous.

I'm glad Carrie Underwood won! She's so super cute.

audgepodge said...

Oh, really? That's too bad. I did catch their performance which I thought was pretty good.

And I'm glad Carrie won, too. I thought it would be someone "edgier", like Corinne Bailey Rae or something, not someone that came from American Idol and has already sold millions of albums. Good for her!