Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My Take: American Idol - Hollywood Round, Day 1

Yes, we're finally out of the dreaded audition round!!! On to Hollywood!
Apparently, they had twice as many girls than boys when the kids first got to Hollywood. The goal was to end up with 12 boys and 12 girls so the odds were not good for the chicks.

I thought it was interesting that they allowed co-ed groups - I don't remember them doing that in the past.

The guy group that sang "How Deep Is Your Love" definitely had the best group performance that I can remember. The group included one of my faves, Chris Sligh, and they had a little bit of choreography and the best part was the end when they all sang together with one of the dudes doing beatbox. They even added their own cool staggered ending.

Other interesting tidbit - did you guys notice the brief appearance of Robyn Troup, aka the girl that won the "My Grammy Moment" contest and got to rock the stage with Justin Timberlake and TI at the Grammys Sunday night? She was dismissed after the group performance round where she sang with that Sundance Head dude (somehow he still made it through, even though he flubbed the lyrics).

Wasn't it sad to watch the expression of Baylie Brown's mom when Baylie totally froze during her group performance round? Oh well... But I also was disturbed by Baylie's Britney Spears-ish nails... Here's my pet peeve - if you want to wear fake french tips, fine - but it looks really tacky when you don't have the complete set. And in Baylie's case, she was missing at least two! Ick. It was also funny to watch her group-mate, Amanda, get busted with her whole "I don't flirt with boys here" bit. She's probably regretting that right about now...

Tonight's episode ended with the group narrowed down to the final 40. I thought it was sweet and touching when Sanjaya and Antonella were more concerned about the fate of his sister and her friend than they were about celebrating their own top 40 status.

I couldn't catch a glimpse of everyone left, but here are some of the kids I hope to see in the Top 24:
Beatbox guy
Asian dude
Chris Sligh
Indian kid (Sanjaya)

And yay - we get to find out who makes the Top 24 tomorrow night!

2 fascinating comment(s) from my friends:

Anonymous said...

Chris Sligh and his group should quit now and form their own band.

Amanda said...

Last night was actually some really good American Idol watching! (I get so annoyed with the tryouts) I'm still in shock that they weeded it down to an hour too. OH and EW has a really good review. You guys are so good at remembering Robyn and all. I thought she did well during the audition so I was surprised she got cut. And that dude in her group - why the heck is he still there? Not many other comments - kinda glad that "boy whose mom doesn't love him" is gone cause it's such drama. Maybe if they don't pick such drama people this year, we can focus more on the singing. Looking forward to tonight and the top 24!