Thursday, February 08, 2007

My Take: Grey's Anatomy - Ferry Disaster, Part 1

WHAT THE ^*&^*???!!!

(Don't read on if you haven't seen the episode yet, which is available online and will air again Friday night at 8PM.)

Well, originally, my review was going to be something like "So-so episode - but no Code Black." But then they had to throw that ending in!!! And then the teasers for next week's episode! Yikes!

I think this is supposed to be a three episode arc so maybe this first episode is the slow build to the intense scenes in the next two. Sure, the ferry disaster was crazy with all the chaos and dead bodies lying around and stuff. But it wasn't "edge of my seat" kind of craziness.

It was interesting how the ending tied back to the beginning when Meredith sunk herself in her bathtub. That did remind me of the Code Black episodes with the three girls in the shower. Obviously, we all know they can't kill Meredith off the show, but I know I was still freakin' out watching the teaser for next week's episode. Let's hope her "knight in shining whatever" saves her again.

And how about that creepy girl??? I wonder if her relationship to Meredith is supposed to somehow reflect Meredith's relationship with her mom. I don't know why it would - but sometimes these writers get all deep on me. In any case, she spooked me out at the end.

In addition to the ferry disaster, they managed to squeeze in some amusing side stories as well:

  • Reactions of the attendings to Dr. Webber's newly dyed black hair
  • Return of the chipper resident, Sydney, as she spars with both Bailey and Callie
  • When asked by Webber for an update, McSteamy gives the soap opera update instead - "Shepherd and Grey are on the rocks, Burke and Yang are engaged"

And the whole dysfunctional relationship between Burke and Christina is really getting old. Sure, George and Meredith also have issues with being romantically involved with their superiors, but at least they have a lot of cute, lovey-dovey moments. Meanwhile, most of the interactions between Burke and Christina are all so serious and cold.

Random note - do they give Emmy's for make-up? Because this episode should get one for that pregnant lady that Alex found. Did she remind anyone else of Eric Stoltz from Mask?

2 fascinating comment(s) from my friends:

Kate D. said...

I agree with your take on Burke and Christina. The writers need to remind us why those characters are together or... gasp, dare I say it? They need to not be together. When was the last time they had fun? More dancing around while brushing teeth, please.

That little girl was seriously creepy. And I found Izzie's storyline seriously annoying.

As is becoming routine for me, I thought Addison Shepherd and Alex Karev held the episode together. Not just with their interactions with each other... in general.

audgepodge said...

Thanks, Kate - I agree, we never see Burke and Christina actually having fun. And I am enjoying the drawn out romantic tension between Alex and Addison - watching her lust after him is very entertaining! :)