Saturday, February 24, 2007

My Take: Grey's Anatomy - A Miracle Indeed

I suppose I should just plan to have a box of tissues with me when I sit down to watch this show *sniff, sniff*. So yep, this was an excellent conclusion to the three part ferry disaster arc.

At the end of the last episode, Meredith had died and was now hanging out with Denny and Dylan in her afterlife. But this time, more friends had joined her... first, her old dog, Doc, as well as impaled-with-a-pole/train wreck victim, Bonnie (aka Abby from Dawson's Creek or the little sister from While You Were Sleeping - one of the cutest chick flicks ever!), and her mother's old scrub nurse (aka Thelma from Amen). It was their job to convince Meredith to fight for her life. But I didn't understand the significance of Bonnie bleeding repeatedly... I wasn't sure if this was going to happen to all of them so I was a bit nervous at first that bomb squad cutie Dylan was going to explode again - thank goodness he didn't.

I really loved all the scenes with Denny. He's a cutie, huh? It was nice to see him look all healthy and walking around since previously he was always ill-looking and bed-ridden. Izzie's got some good taste.

Speaking of Izzie... UGH! She continued to annoy this week. She is so ridiculous in her treatment of Callie. She acts like the little girls in grade school/high school that get all possessive of their friends and won't allow anyone else into their precious circle. What is that old Girl Scout adage? Oh yeah - it's "Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other's gold." OK, sorry, I digress. She's so jealous that someone stole her little best friend away... but seriously, how can she expect George to be her friend if she's always being cruel to his wife?

And it was so hypocritical when she mocked Callie referring to George as her husband... Izzie always refered to Denny as her fiance and they were engaged for what - a whole day or something?

Funny that Christina coped with Meredith's condition by going to the 99 cents store and drinking her sorrows away. Her scenes with Meredith were so touching - nice to see how the show explores the beauty of friendships. Side note - interesting how they used this episode to reveal how her dad died - bleeding to death after a car accident in front of a 9-yr-old Christina. We knew he had died, but we didn't know how he had died before this, right?

Now let's talk about the death that did occur, since we all knew it wouldn't be Mere. Poor Ellis Gray... it was harsh what Derek said to her, but she had to hear it. Later, when Meredith discovered her mom in her afterlife... oh boy, you knew the tears were going to come. With Denny's encouragement, Meredith goes to her mom and finally receives what was long overdue - Ellis embracing her and telling her that she is anything *but* ordinary.

Then at the end, when Denny briefly "touches" Izzie - cue the waterworks again!

Despite all the tears, there were some funny moments. Addison decides to give McSteamy another chance if he does not sleep with anyone for 60 days. He agrees, provided Addison promises the same. Addison laughs that off, asking who would she be having sex with? Cut to shot of Alex. HILARIOUS!

Man, I love this show. I guess that's my only concern with this Addison spin-off. Will Shonda Rhimes be able to keep up with the quality of Grey's if she is also kicking off a new series? I know, I'm selfish, heehee.

Also, if you're curious like me, here is what actress Elizabeth Reaser, who plays "Jane Doe", normally looks like. I wonder how long she spends in the make-up chair!

Finally, did you know they recently launched a Grey's Anatomy magazine??? It just launched on February 20th. This is for the die hard fans - for $40, you get six issues.

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