Monday, February 12, 2007

My Take: The Hills - We're Dunzo

You know, if Heidi isn't going to break up with Spencer, then I'm breaking up with this show. I've already expressed how much this a**hole disgusts me here. But watching his behavior on this particular episode (after Heidi busts him for being a sleazy dirtbag and he still claims innocence!) made me physically ill.

Sure, I take some pleasure in watching all the other ladies like Audrina, Lauren, and the Bolthouse chicks call him out but it sickens me that Heidi keeps falling for it. I can't even hope she'll eventually kick him to the curb because they're still together today!!!

On a separate topic, I liked how they brought into the "super intern" from NYC. Too bad she only appeared in this one episode because it was fun watching the conflicting styles between the Cali and NYC girls. I am impressed with Emily though - 18 credits at NYU that she manages to squeeze in two days (is that even possible?) while interning at Teen Vogue for two days and Chanel for one other day - wow! And I'm with Lauren, I couldn't identify any of those flowers to save my life!

And some other random comments from this episode:

  • Do all female employees at Bolthouse have to be blonde?
  • Does Heidi wear false eyelashes to work?
  • How come Whitney didn't look like a chipmunk like I did when I had my wisdom teeth pulled?
  • I'm glad to hear Lauren is completely over Jason but did she really want to marry him? Scary.

Well, that's it - no more The Hills for me. Spencer has single-handedly lost this viewer. I look forward to flip-flopping between Studio 60 and What About Brian in the future. Well, just for the first half hour anyway because I'm still digging Dancelife.

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Anonymous said...

Aw! That stinks. I'd like more recaps. I personally think this season is so much better. much more drama. I think Heidi's a flat out moron and always found her annoying. I just think she's continuing that with Spencer, who is just with her for the cameras. He and Brody are publicity whores first and foremost.