Saturday, February 24, 2007

My Take: The Office - What is the matter with Jan?

Oh, Jan... what's become of you? First, you made a "That's what she said" comment, and then you try to get your groove on with Michael in the bathroom at your boss's cocktail party? Oy. I mean, it's pretty bad when he's the voice of reason insisting that was pretty inappropriate behavior, right? By the way, how funny was the little role reversal scene on the drive home when Michael was all whiny and Jan had to comfort him. Especially with Dwight being in the back seat and all...

Speaking of Dwight - oh man, can you imagine knowing someone like him??? I'll admit, I loved all the shots where he could be found in the background thoroughly inspecting the quality of the house. But the scene where he was watching the son sleep in his bedroom was kinda creepy. Sorry, Dwight!

Meanwhile, Pam and the gang were doing happy hour with Roy and his brother. Cute that Toby still has a crush on Pam - but what happened to his hot date from Phyllis' wedding? Anyway, I'm so glad that Pam finally is over the Roy thing - but that was pretty scary when Roy exploded. Now I know why "Kevin" wrote in his myspace blog, "...during the last 5 minutes of footage, I was much more scared than I ever was of that bat from last week. And the bat was scary."

And with Pam and Roy on the outs, I was getting excited when it seemed Karen had too much history with the men of Dunder Mifflin. Man, she even had me punked along with Jim. Oh well, hopefully Jim will come to his senses soon.

But I guess not soon enough, because "Kevin" also wrote that this is the last of the new episodes for awhile - we're supposed to have repeats through March. :( But it will be interesting to see what happens when it returns. Will Andy be back from anger management? Will Pam and her more assertive self finally confess her true feelings to Jim? Speaking of Jim, is Roy going to beat the crap out of him???

Also, for the second week in a row, they had a big name director - this time JJ Abrams, whom I will always love for bringing us Felicity. :)

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