Thursday, February 08, 2007

My Take: Ugly Betty

You know, it's nice to finally see the pay-off from all those early scenes of Wilhemina and the mysterious masked lady. Not that the show needed it, but Rebecca Romijn's addition (as Daniel's brother Alex/now sister Alexis) has added another fun level to the show.

Some moments that made me chuckle out loud:
  • Daniel's mom, Claire Meade, describing Walter as "a man with no chin and permanent bedhead" when she saw his picture on Betty's cell phone

  • Daniel and Alexis fighting like true brothers during the press conference until Betty had to break them up

  • Daniel and Alexis reminiscing about the good ole days of going to "clothing museums" with their mom as kids (when really she just had them play hooky from school to take them shopping)

  • Loved Justin's response of "Snap!" when Hilda exchanged insults with another mom from Justin's school

And so many big reveals at the end of this episode!

  • Walter and Betty break up, Walter takes the promotion in Maryland

  • Henry gets back together with his ex

  • Daniel and Alexis make amends and Wilhemina gets screwed

  • And the biggest of all - drunk Claire reveals to Betty that she's the one that killed Fey Sommers!

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