Sunday, February 25, 2007

Random Thoughts on the Oscars

Some random thoughts on the show... I slept through parts of it, though (heehee), but I have it taped so maybe I'll check out what I missed later.

  • Loved the musical number by Will Ferrell, Jack Black, and John C. Reilly - yes, Helen Mirren is hot :)

  • Jack Nicholson shaved his head?
  • I can't believe Alan Arkin won Best Supporting Actor Oscar over Eddie Murphy! It started to make me worry for Jennifer Hudson, but no worries, she won her award (yay!)
  • The costume part was cool - but it was creepy that they managed to find so many models/pseudo-mannequins that looked like the actors in the films
  • Nicole Kidman looks about seven feet tall
  • The silhouette bits were sorta cool but the Snakes on a Plane bit... I swear, I'm not a perv, but it was kind of phallic, dontcha think?
  • Loved Ellen's bits with her interacting with the audience - ex. passing a screenplay to Martin Scorcese, asking Steven Spielberg to take pictures of her and Clint Eastwood for her myspace page - HILARIOUS!

  • Was that Rashida Jones (aka Karen from The Office) sitting with her dad (Quincy Jones) up in the balcony?
  • Jennifer Hudson during the Dreamgirls medley... va-va-voom! (but man, I was worried she was going to pop out!) And didn't it seem like Beyonce was ready to kill herself to sing to Jennifer Hudson's levels? And Anika Noni Rose looked gorgeous in this number (better than her red carpet outfit in my opinion). And nice to see Keith Robinson as well... amazing performance by the cast but it still didn't get them the Oscar (which went to Melissa Etheridge)

  • It looked like Ken Watanabe wanted to take Catherine Deneuve for a spin on the dancefloor
  • Cute bit with the directors (Francis Ford Coppola, George Lucas, Steven Spielberg) at the end - and yay! Martin Scorcese finally wins!

Winner highlights (complete list here):

Best Actress: Helen Mirren
Best Actor: Forest Whitaker
Best Supporting Actress: Jennifer Hudson
Best Supporting Actor: Alan Arkin
Best Director: Martin Scorcese
Best Picture: The Departed

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