Friday, March 02, 2007

My Take: Americal Idol - Down to 16

So should we just assume Sanjaya and Antonella are locked for this season's final 12? Oy.

Well, I was not "Feelin' Good" after this week's result show. Do you think this is now the American Idol "curse" song? AJ Tabaldo and Leslie Hunt both delivered good performances of "Feelin' Good" this week and now they are both gone... It's almost like the top 12 is pre-determined by the producers and not the viewers based on how much coverage they give these kids in the audition episodes. That would explain Alaina Alaxander's exit as well. As for Nicholas Pedro, well, I think that's more due to what Simon said - "lack of charisma".

Loved Leslie's final performance and her ad-libbing at the end, "Why did I choose to scat? Americans don't love jazz". This was much more entertaining than Alaina's breakdown during her performance (which to be honest, would probably be my state if I was in that situation).

And what was up with Kellie Pickler's ta-ta's??? Was she that busty during her stint on American Idol? And I'm totally not digging her hair - yes, it's country, but it's country from the Patsy Cline era. She's too young to be sportin' that kind of look! And the ditzy spider sushi comments are beyond expired... she needs a new schtick!!!

On a separate topic, a commenter pointed me to Elliot Yamin's album status. It's supposed to come out on March 20th and dude, I am so excited for it!!! So far, every clip I've heard sounds awesome - I love his voice. It has such a cool vibe to it. I've already downloaded "Movin' On" from iTunes and it rocks. Click his pic to get to his myspace page. Man, can you imagine if it was Elliot and Chris Daughtry in the final two last season? But you know, I guess this was for the best, huh?

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