Thursday, March 08, 2007

My Take: American Idol - Finally, We Get the Top 12!

Well, thank goodness America had the sense to end Antonella Barba's run. I really thought all this nudie photo hoopla was going to ensure her a spot in the top 12. So I am grateful for that. But honestly? Haley Scarnato??? Yuck! But I guess she is the lesser of two evils. I'm hoping she'll be the first to go. I honestly don't get who her fan base is - she's so blah blah blah! And it looks like Entertainment Weekly was right about Sabrina Sloan. I guess no one expected Haley to steal her spot.

And was Jared Cotter really that shocked he didn't make the top 12??? Geesh. And too bad about Sundance Head - I really thought he was a sure bet. But I'm happy that means Brandon Rogers is in - I was worried he wouldn't make the cut.

In addition to announcing the top 12, they introduced their "big surprise". Idol Gives Back! Now, for every phone call, $$$ will be donated to areas in need like Africa and New Orleans. That's cool - they do get a lot of viewers, might as well do something good.

And Carrie Underwood performed. She's a lot thinner now than when she was on the show. It's cool that she's had so much success.

Diana Ross will serve as their mentor next week - that should be fun. I wonder if they'll all be singing songs from The Supremes?

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