Monday, March 19, 2007

My Take: Dancing with the Stars

OK, seriously - let's talk about these costume malfunctions! Karina's wig not coming off, Joey's mic flying off his booty, it was craziness! Guess we know this show really is live - well, on the East Coast anyway.

Random thoughts - well, Karina got screwed. She definitely deserves a chance at the championship (don't get me wrong, I'm still a big Cheryl fan) but that ain't happening with Billy Ray Cyrus as her partner. He's definitely the weak link in this season's competition. Although Leeza Gibbons was pretty stiff as well.

And Laila Ali - ooh la la! Definitely this season's nice surprise - she'll be fun to watch that's for sure.

Oooh... Pirates commercial! I'm excited to see that - even if the plot of #2 was completely lost on me.

OK, Brian Fortuna (Miss USA's partner) is super cheesy. Eeek!

Clyde was cute!

Heather Mills was good. Part of me wanted to figure out which was the fake leg, but the other part was sort of scared to look. But she did a good job so I didn't pay attention to the *leg*.

I didn't realize Apollo was so short... he definitely nailed the facial expressions. I was impressed!

Finally, here are my scores for off-the-cuff banter from the hosts:
Tom: 8
Samantha: 3
She's horrible!!!

And I know we're not kicking anyone off this week... but if we were, I would pick Billy Ray Cyrus. Unless all the Hannah Montana fans keep him in, in which case, my second guess is Miss USA.

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kirby said...

wish i had watched that one. sounds funny.

i saw your comment in my blog - i too like splenda with my canned pumpkin! and yes, you're more than welcome to continue to read it :)