Friday, March 23, 2007

My Take: Grey's Anatomy

OK, seriously - is anyone else dying like I am about George and Izzie hooking up??? George's flashback was interesting - at least we know it wasn't all awkward like it was with him and Meredith. But man, that boy gets around!

His hungover state was pretty funny. Between his appearance and Callie's reaction, I felt like I could almost smell him thru my TV!

And what do you think was said in the closet when George confronted Izzie? Judging by her body language, it seems there may be something to this spoiler I had read. And I thought it was very admirable when George said he wasn't going to tell Callie. Sure, it could be a cop out but I think what he said is true. Why torture her to relieve his guilt? He'll just suffer on his own. But now he's going to end up being cold to her... ugh... no one will be happy. That's why it doesn't pay to cheat, people!!! :P

And how funny was it that Bailey ended up helping Sloan rock his interview with the board for the Chief of Surgery position. Her expression was hilarious. Bailey's the best...

I forgot to post a couple comments about last week's episode. I thought Colin Marlowe looked sort of familiar so I looked him up. He actually is played by the same guy that played that British dude Robin that Rebecca (Kirstie Alley) was dating on Cheers. I know - it's random but when I read his bio, that was the one where I thought - that's who it is!!!

And the old guy with the bullet in him for so many years? He was the team manager for the Cleveland Indians in the "Major League" movies.

I like how we always get to see new people as the patients. Like the guy from Spin City who got his foot amputated.

It's nice that Chief Webber is back to his white hair and beard, huh?

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