Saturday, March 24, 2007

My Take: The Hills - Rockin' Lauren

Honestly, I love surprises and all - but what Heidi did was a really crappy way to throw Lauren a surprise birthday party for her big 21st. I mean, it's no secret that Lauren hates Spencer and she's already frustrated that Heidi keeps ditching her to spend time with him. So now it's Lauren's birthday and Heidi makes plans to take her out for dinner. They're all primping and ready to go and right then is when Heidi drops the bomb that she can't take Lauren out and must run off to meet up with Spencer. I mean, she literally left Lauren in a state of being all dressed up with no place to go! I'm surprised Lauren handled it the way she did - I think I would have been bawling. Seriously.

It was so funny when Audrina and Heidi were scheming about this "brilliant" plan. They kept laughing at the crazy idea of Heidi actually ditching Lauren on her birthday. As in, can you imagine her actually doing something so heinous??? That would be as horrible, as ... oh I don't know... cheering on her best friend to hook up with a guy she had dated.

Anyway, luckily the surprise worked and Lauren had a wonderful birthday celebration. Not only that - it looks like she rekindled sparks with Brody! It was sort of cute seeing them interact at the party and on their date later... they were much more comfortable than some of their earlier dates which were painfully awkward to watch.

Then of course was the return of the notorious Jenn Bunney. I know this is mean, but she is so icky and skanky and the way she speaks is so annoying! That scene with her and Heidi at Bolthouse was pretty weird. I still don't get how Heidi can act all innocent when she was definitely Jenn's partner in crime during the Brody incident.

It was nice of Lauren to hear Jenn out - and it was awesome the way she clearly told Jenn off. Good for you, Lauren! We don't need Jenn, we've got Lo now!

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pamela said...

Agreed! Why couldn't Heidi just take Lauren to the surprise party? It was a really mean move even though she was throwing her a prarty. Also, i hope Jenn is gone for good. Lauren is finally getting a backbone but i still don't think she's got friends who are good for her. All in time though!