Thursday, March 22, 2007

Real-World Denver: The funniest outcome to a sorta scary cliffhanger

Apparently, in last week's episode, one of the cast members, Tyrie, got in a big argument with his GF. I think her name is Jazelle. And they're both wasted - so you know, this isn't going to end well. So they're back in the house arguing in one of the bathrooms since you know, cameras aren't allowed in there. But of course, we can hear everything. Jazelle doesn't want to listen to Tyrie so she tries to leave the bathroom but Tyrie grabs her arm and forcefully pulls her back in the bathroom and she starts crying and telling him to stop. Luckily, the roommates are home so they come to the rescue and Jazelle is really freaked out.

Anyway, there's more arguing and now they're outside and for some reason, the cops show up. They're just watching for now and I can't tell if it's because someone called them, or just that the roomies were really loud, or what. And that's where the episode ends.

THEN they show the teasers for this week's episode which is basically the cops cuffing Tyrie. So you would think this has something to do with his argument with Jazelle, right??? Oh, just wait.

So they're still arguing and Jazelle is trying to calm down. I guess Tyrie just needs to let off some steam so he goes for a walk. One of the other roomies, Stephen, sees that the cops are around so he chases down Tyrie, calms him down, and tells him to come back home. Tyrie eventually agrees so Stephen goes back to the house.

Tyrie starts to follow and he finally returns to the house. I mean, I think he was literally right outside the gate. And for reasons that probably only make sense to a big ole drunk dude, he decides to take a piss right outside the house. And the lovely producers even took the time to make sure to show the streams down the sidewalk. Nice. We get the point!!!

And THAT is why he got cuffed - for a UIP! Oh, man, the look on Stephen's face was so priceless when he realized what happened. I mean, he really was trying to watch out for his boy and Tyrie still gets busted - not for being borderline abusive, but just for being a dumbass.

I stopped watching after that. But boy, I thought that was pretty funny.

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