Tuesday, April 03, 2007

My Take: American Idol - The Classics

I dig Tony Bennett - I mean, he's still a hip cat, even at 80!!! But what was up with the Century 21 jacket? And what was up with him being a fan of Sanjaya??? Fascinating. On a related note, I think my favorite audience sign from this evening was "Sanjaya Is My Papaya". (What does that even mean???)

I still liked Blake the best but I also enjoyed seeing more of Melinda's sassy side. I didn't think much at first of Chris's performance, but liked it more upon second viewing. Sanjaya and Haley were more in their element with this week's "adult contemporary" theme. LaKisha was good but old-fashioned as usual. Jordin was also good but nothing spectacular. I guess it was hard for Gina to work her rocker angle with this week's theme but I think this week's subtle performance might work against her. It reminded me of Nikki McKibbin from season one when she went from a "rocker" style to a soap opera actress style when she sang "Ben" from the Jackson 5. Phil was a total snooze so I pick him for elimination tomorrow.

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