Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My Take: American Idol - Latin Night

J. Lo's in the house! I thought she did a great job with the kids. I loved her enthusiasm regarding being a fan of the show and she really gave good advice to all the singers. And I was so shocked that she dug Sanjaya!

Speaking of Sanjaya, he once again sported a new look but this one wasn't as laughable as some of the others. They trimmed his curly locks and he grew in a little bit of a mustache. And you know what? It kind of worked for his performance of "Besame Mucho":

Unfortunately, it was the end of the road for Haley Scarnato. Although I thought Simon's comment was a bit harsh - it is what we were all thinking (right, Amanda? heehee!) I mean, how much shorter can she go?

I loved that bit they did with Tony Bennett pretending to audition for AI. And I thought it was weird that Akon appeared again since he was just there for the Gwen Stefani episode. But then I remembered reading that they taped his solo performance that same day because one of the audience members was tired of having to wave their arm back and forth. And I liked his song ("Don't Matter"), but it seemed so repetitive!

Next week is country with Martina McBride...

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