Monday, April 02, 2007

My Take: The Hills Season Finale

Chicks like Heidi fascinate me. She does not appear to have one single friend who can remotely tolerate Spencer, yet she still adores him. WHY??? I mean - talk about dysfunctional relationship: Spencer asks Heidi to move in with him, she says no, he says get out of my car, they don't talk, then he calls and refers to her as sweetheart and asks her to meet him at the new place he got for them anyway, so she agrees to move in with him!!! Huh??? Ugh.

OK more reasons to hate Spencer:

  • He doesn't really want to live with Heidi, he just doesn't want Heidi to live with Lauren. Nice.
  • His current condo is covered in that cheesy leopard print crap.
  • He still complains that it took Heidi a long time to decide to move in with him - after she already moved in with him!!! Quit your whining - you won, you loser.

Lauren cracks me up. I love when she told Heidi that she doesn't live with her, she lives with her stuff. (Personally, I prefer to live with someone's stuff.) And all that sarcasm when she heard the news about Heidi moving in with Spencer... "What could go wrong?"

And Heidi literally moved the next day??? Really? Because I would think it would take that girl at least a week just to pack her stuff. I was amused that her and Spencer used U-Haul like us normal folk. For some reason, I would have thought they would have hired professional packers and movers.

It sure didn't take Lauren long to find a new roommate - and wasn't Audrina living by herself before?

Finally, they're not going to tell us if Whitney got the Teen Vogue job? Geesh.

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pamela said...

I'm guessing that Whitney didn't get the job since they didn't tell us. But honestly, her interview seemed, well, kind of bad. And i like Whitney but she needs to be more assertive. So onto Lauren and Heidi. I think Lauren was the queen of the quips last night. How many different ways could she be so sarcastic and Heidi not get it! Heidi is headed for disaster with Spencer as everyone has warned her. Spencer is the kind of guy i can't stand because he's so manipulative and he's not even attractive. And what is with that weird gold chain he wears. Whatever G!