Thursday, July 26, 2007

Top Ten of SYTYCD

So using Lost terminology, this week's SYTYCD is the "game-changer". There are ten dancers left so that means:

  • Dancers will have a new partner each week
  • Elimination is helded American Idol style where audience votes for individual dancer, not the pair, and the girl and boy dancers with the lowest votes are eliminated
  • Judges no longer have a say

And then they added a new element - all dancers perform a solo using the same choreo. What are your thoughts on this? Personally, I am not a fan. To watch the same piece 10 times??? I don't even care if was by Wade. I get bored when they have the American Idol finalists sing the same song in the finale - and that's only two people! And then to have them all line up at the end and listen as each judge critiqued them one by one on their solos? BORING!

I don't know... I thought this whole week was a dud. I didn't really even have a favorite routine. Well, maybe Sara and Neil and their disco just because they were so cute and fun. Sara's dress was adorable - but did it rip open or something at the end? I know she almost flashed but then she spent the rest of the judging session holding her dress closely.

Even the eliminations were boring - was anyone surprised that Kameron and Jaimie were kicked off this week?

Random comments:

  • Wade is married? So sad...
  • I was expecting Danny to rip open his shirt during their samba routine since it was choreographed by last season's Dmitri... you know - since Benji included a lot of his "signature" moves in that west coast swing routine
  • I felt bad for Dom and Jaimie and their critiques... how could you not be over-the-top with that Don Quixote (sp?) / Man of La Mancha song???

That's all for now!

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