Thursday, August 02, 2007

I Guess I Just Didn't Get It

Here's the thing - I missed Mia Michaels' intro before Neil and Lacey's contemporary piece. So I didn't know the whole backstory while watching their performance. Sure, it was nice - but it didn't have any huge impact on me. And then there were everyone's reactions! People crying and saying this was one of the best performances - not just from this season, not just from this show, but one of the best performances on television *ever*... I was so confused.

Even after rewinding and hearing the intro and then watching the piece again - I don't know... it still didn't do anything for me. I could understand why people were crying but I don't think that will be a dance piece that would rank as one of my favorites from this show. To be honest, I liked their Latin jazz number better.

Here it is - take a look and let me know what you think:

I still think last season's "Park Bench" routine was more interesting:

BTW - did you know that this was nominated for an Emmy??? (That was a sarcastic comment, BTW, since they constantly mention this!)

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Amanda said...

um - yeah - I missed the second half of the show and this performance. I'm glad you posted since i had wanted to see what the fuss was about too. VERY disappointing!! I have no idea what the heck everyone was crying about either. Looked like a SUPER easy routine for Lacey...why the heck is she still around?! Was her brother THAT loved?? Ugh. I can't believe they got rid of Sara - she was really good. Idiots...I really shouldn't talk though since I never vote!