Friday, August 17, 2007

Random comments on a Friday afternoon

One follow up comment on the SYTYCD finale, I was surprised that they didn't do an encore performance of Lacey and Kameron's Mia Michaels contemporary piece from the first competition show.

Also, I just discovered that there's a My Boys blog by the actor that plays Brendan, aka Brando. In his latest blog, he mentions that there were scenes from the last episode ($$$ problems) that were actually shot in Chicago off Lake Shore Drive. I wonder which scenes because all the exterior shots looked like they were shot on a lot to me. Maybe the one outside Bobby's apartment/penthouse? Or the yoga one? Definitely not outside the Brazilian restaurant.

Click here to see photos from the upcoming "The Dark Knight" film, the sequel to "Batman Begins". Heath Ledger is pretty creepy looking as the new Joker.

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