Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ah, the wonderful Prom Episode!!!

Prom episodes of Laguna Beach - and now Newport Harbour - are the best. But again, I have to go back to my usual curiosity - is this really what teenagers do today, or is this just the MTV world? Specifically - the extravagant methods of securing a prom date. (Although I think the ones in this episode pale in comparison from previous years... hello - gorilla suits!!!) And if it is really like this in the real world, is it because of Laguna Beach? I mean, don't you think the producers forced the first season gang (Trey, Steven, Dieter, etc.) to do something big for their prom date requests? And now it's an expected thing - a new tradition! So where did it start? It's another chicken-or-the-egg dilemma...

Did it seem weird that Chrissy and Taylor got their nails done together? I mean Taylor has this on-off thing with Chase, and Chrissy smooched him - so wouldn't that be awkward?

Let's talk dresses... Sasha and Allie wore the same dress, right? I think I had a Barbie doll with a similar outfit, except I think it was more of a nightgown thing. Speaking of which, Chrissy's dress sort of looked like a Barbie doll dress as well. And Allie and Samantha sure do like their pink, huh? I guess the Pretty in Pink party wasn't enough, since they did pink again with prom.

Sasha seems like a cool chick (compared to the rest of the gang, anyway). I loved when she asked Grant, "Why are you staring at me?" 'Cuz he's drunk and he's hoping you'll make out with him! (Notice him grabbing her leg later that night.) Grant in his fancy prom duds stumbling on the exercise bike was hilarious!

Finally, a couple of random questions:

  • Does Allie remind anyone else of Brooke Hogan?
  • How much is Chrissy's dad gonna punish her (and Clay, probably) after seeing this episode???

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