Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Halfway through premiere week and the shows are rockin'!

So much to comment on! My thoughts so far...

The Hills

I know Lauren has her flaws, but she's awesome in my book. Her facial expressions when Jason first told her that he had a girlfriend and that they were moving in together were hilarious. Then to hear they're engaged!!! Crazy. She's totally right, though. Why would you get engaged when you're A) only 20, B) have only been dating for seven (or 6? or maybe only 4?) months, and C) are just out of rehab. What a bonehead. I loved when Lauren commented that when she's engaged, she would hope that it's not announced at a keg party. As for Heidi and Spencer... *sigh* Who even cares anymore? Shopping for wedding dresses, registering at C&B, and Spencer hasn't even told his parents yet? What a pathetic relationship. It's pretty sad when Jen Bunney is the voice of reason.


As much as I love all the twists and turns this show offers... I'm getting pretty impatient and just want to know what the heck happens at the end! I wish I had waited until the show was over in the hopes that FX would air an all day marathon. Now that would be enjoyable - if not a waste of an entire day. If that does happen, I'll let you know - it's a really great, suspenseful show.

Dancing with the Stars

I knew Sabrina was gonna rock it. I've seen the Cheetah Girls movies (don't judge) and I've always thought she was the best dancer out of the bunch, and they're all pretty good (the others being two of the members from girl group 3LW, both in attendance, and Raven Symone - as in "That's So Raven!"). Her facials were over the top which would normally bug me, but I felt they fit right in on this show. I'm curious to see how she performs in classic ballroom next week. I'm sure she'll be great.

Drew Lachey is doing an awesome job filling in for Samantha Harris. Can we make him a permanent replacement? Please???? I really enjoy his backstage on-the-fly banter, so much more natural than Samantha who often made me cringe during her interviews. Drew's comments about the male pro dancers over-styled hair serving as helmets made me chuckle.

I was pleased with the guys night. I thought it was going to be a big snooze fest after the amazing performances from the ladies, but there were some surprises. For me personally, Helio jumped from "Who cares?" status at the beginning of the show to "I love this guy!" by the end. He's so smiley and happy and he really cracks me up. He has an awesome partner with current champ Julianne who I feel is consistently delivering an "in it to win it" attitude in every single of one her performances so far this season (as in the pro dancers routines or dancing with Helio).

Floyd has turned out to be the biggest disappointment in my book. All the guys considered him their toughest competition - they don't have anything to worry about. Carrie called it - it's like he attacks the dance too much. Maybe he'll be different with the ballroom. Did anyone else find it weird that the two people most hot and bothered from Albert Reed's hip shaking dance performance were Len and Bruno???

Too bad for Alec Mazo - first to get the boot again! But it was cute that he asked everyone to vote for his professional partner and new bride, Edyta, in the future.

Gossip Girl

This is definitely becoming one of my new favorite shows. I like the characters, the storylines, the clothes, the settings... all fun. And as much as I hate hate hate this Chuck character, I love love love the Dan character. I mean, he might be one of my favorite guys on TV... right up there with Jim Halpert! The comment that Chuck's black eye looks lonely, walking in circles outside Serena's hotel, the apology about the "wave"... such a cutie! Although I wish he hadn't walked out on Serena at the end. The romance can't die there, can it? (Embarrassing confession: I am very tempted to start reading the teen-targeted book series to learn more about what happens!) Blair and Chuck are just like Sarah Michelle Gellar and Ryan Phillippe's characters from "Cruel Intentions" - evil, but entertaining. And who are these stoopid girls that keep hooking up with Chuck??? I don't find one iota of him attractive. On a side note - this show makes me so excited about my upcoming trip to NYC! Can't wait!!!

Newport Harbour

I love Allie's comment to her dad about not asking for a graduation present... she just wants a full summer trip in Europe. Nice... And c'mon, do we really expect Clay and Chrissy to maintain a long distance relationship while she goes away for school? They're relationship seems so shallow... oh wait, sorry, I forgot these are high school kids. Never mind. Anyway - Chrissy, go for the cute college boys!!!

That's it for now... I'm sure I'll have much to post on Thursday night's must see TV!!!

2 fascinating comment(s) from my friends:

Amanda said...

the only show I have caught is The Hills. Have to agree about the Spencer/Heidi comment. Really - who cares about them? It's not even fun to hate them - they're too boring and retarded. Lauren was the voice of reason this week - and it totally looked like Jason was doing this all just to annoy/make her jealous...or maybe to get more TV time? You have to wonder.

I checked out Bionic Woman and Life last night...B.W. sucked. I was talking about it this morning with some friends and they agreed that it was bad casting. It's supposed to be like a new Alias, but it's totally falling flat. I give it a C.

Life wasn't too bad - I feel as if they're trying to make the lead guy into a new House. I love House, but this guy isn't as mean - but definitely quirky. Decent show though - I'm not hooked, but interested...I give it a B+/A-

kirby said...

Who was it that let me in on the fact that I can watch ABC shows online? I have now seen all of the episodes of "Private Practice." The acupuncturist is cute. A little too dramatic/all works out in the end, but otherwise seems okay.