Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Monday Night TV thoughts

Soooooo much to comment on... but it's really late and I should really go to bed. But before I do, some quick comments on all the super good TV that was on tonight.

As usual, nice twist on The Closer. And I'm so happy that Brenda and Fritz are happy together again. But I am sad that it was the season finale...

My Boys - yay for two episodes, but again, boo that the season is now over. That was a crazy short season - what's up with that? And did they seriously leave us hanging by not telling us who PJ invited to Italy??? I'm guessing it was Thorn... who else would have made her that upset when she thought she was stood up?

The Hills - grrrr... despite the appearances of Jason, Justin, AND Spencer - I am still the most annoyed about Heidi getting that stupid promotion! First of all, I doubt she is qualified and second, she stole it from Elodie!!! I like Elodie. Personally, I find the whole "new events director position - with an office" thing highly suspicious. Seems just something the producers purely invented to create more drama. Heidi and Spencer are both going to H-E-double hockey sticks, if you ask me.

The Pick Up Artist - yay, they finally kicked out Pradeep!!! It's about time. He's annoying AND a horrible wingman.

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