Sunday, October 21, 2007

Potential Guilty Pleasure Alert: Pageant Place

So I haven't had a chance to watch a full episode yet - BUT I think this Pageant Place show on MTV might be pretty entertaining.

Everyone knows about the Tara Connor (former Miss USA) scandal. She was sent to rehab after it was reported that she was partying too hard, doing drugs, etc. It seems that the one who reported her was her former friend, current Miss Teen USA (Katie Blair) - who supposedly did it because she thought Tara was trying to steal her boyfriend or something (not that it wasn't true, but still - harsh!)

Anyway, back to Pageant Place. Donald Trump came up with the idea to get Miss Teen USA, Miss USA, and Miss Universe to all live together in an apartment in NYC and film the drama that results. But that's not all - Trump also decides to bring back former Miss USA and add her to the mix as well.

Potential for lots of cat fights, people! Miss Teen USA and former Miss USA for the reasons mentioned above. Current Miss USA (the one that fell on her bum) is pissed that Tara is being brought back because this is supposed to be "her year". And who knows, maybe Miss USA is pissed at Miss Universe for beating her in the *worldwide* competition. :P

Weird thing... the current commercials show conflict between the reigning Mis Teen USA and Miss USA. Drama!

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