Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Satisfying season finale to "Damages"

Oy boy - my head is still spinning from all the twists served up in last night's season finale of Damages. This FX series is definitely one of the most intriguing, intelligent, mind-confusing shows this year. And it might not come back! People - if it does come back, watch this show!

After all the questions developed throughout the season, we finally got some answers. I never know where this show is headed with all the crazy twists. Last night alone we learned:

  • Patty ordered the attack on Ellen, not Frobisher, and Uncle Pete helps!
  • The bearded guy is actually a cop! (thus able to retrieve the one clue from Ellen and David's apartment)
  • Mr. Nye is not another bad guy after all, and is actually in cahoots with the FBI (I knew that old guy couldn't be bad!!!)
  • Greg's confession tape was ironically hidden in the Statue of Liberty bookkend that was used to kill David by the thugs trying to find the aforementioned tape
  • Ellen actually agrees to help the FBI and goes back to work with Patty
And karma is a bee-yotch, huh? That rat ends up getting shut out of the settlement and then kills Frobisher as revenge.

Well, I hope the show comes back - I will definitely be watching! It's fun to watch Glenn Close wig out!

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