Sunday, November 11, 2007

Another strike! My world is crumbling...

I love New York!
Egads - Broadway stagehands are now on strike meaning most of the shows were dark yesterday. Theatre-goers were able to get refunds for tickets to canceled shows or exchange the tickets for the next available date. Sucks for the out of town folks that had their hearts on seeing their favorite shows. Shows not affected by the strike are listed here.

So sad. I like my Times Square to be a happy place.

Omigod, you guys!Speaking of Broadway, I got to watch the Broadway musical version of Legally Blonde. MTV actually aired a presentation of it and did this cute thing where they got the girls from The Hills to host it.

I think Legally Blonde debuted in San Francisco before opening on Broadway and I remember listening to a sound clip from the show thinking it was way too cheesy. I was surprised - the tunes from the show are actually kind of catchy. Be warned, the phrase "Omigod - omigod, you guys!" is repeated constantly throughout the show but overall, it's pretty cute with fun song and dance numbers. A lot of the punchlines are straight out of the movie so that was kind of repetitive, but it was still pretty entertaining.

It was interesting to see where they made the musical numbers - some are obvious choices like Elle's Harvard admission "essay" and the "Bend and Snap". But some were kind of random - like our introduction to Brooke Wyndham (Elle's murder suspect / fitness guru / sorority sister) with the jump-roping-on-crack number, "Whipped into Shape".

Click here for a sneak preview. It looks like there should be encore presentations on MTV on November 13th at 11AM.

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Amanda said...

Not bad! I know one person that wouldn't watch it with me...he hates chick flicks and musicals. This is a deadly combination!