Wednesday, November 07, 2007


So I've been in northern California for over six years now - I've been around for some earthquakes but none that I really remember.

Well, I finally had my first real experience last Tuesday during the 5.6 earthquake in the San Jose area. And I know, these are very serious natural phenomenons and not thrill rides, but since all is safe, I will admit - it was really cool!

I happened to be driving home when it occurred (it was around 8PM) and I saw some friends of mine walking around the neighborhood. I pulled over to chat with them and then it happened. My friend was leaning into my car since we were chatting and then his wife started freaking out a bit.

I did notice some rocking but I honestly thought my friend was shaking my car. (I don't know, he could have been that strong!) So I just sat there in my car while it was rocking (nothing major, it really felt like someone moving it) and it lasted for quite a bit - at least 10 seconds or so. Long enough for us to actually comment that it was still going on.

Anyway, it was cool - it stopped, I drove home, my friends walked home and all is good. Everything was fine in my apartment but I guess those closer to the 'quake had some things move around.

I'm pretty sure we felt an aftershock the next day when I was at work. My building is not exactly the most solid. I'm on the second floor and sometimes when someone is walking by rather heavily, my monitor will kind of shake. But we all felt the shaking and it was pretty major, but brief.

Anyway, hopefully that will be the worse I experience!

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John said...

I was taking a dump at the time. It helped.