Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Great Debate: Should Lauren reunite with Heidi?

"I want to forgive you... [pause] and I want to forget you."

Eee... yikes!

What was your reaction to this? Mine was more of a jaw dropping shock but when watched the aftershow online afterward (first time doing so and it's rather entertaining), the crowd was cheering her on!

So I'm torn (and yes, I know, that it's pretty sad when I get torn over something like this) on whether or not Lauren and Heidi should be friends.

On one hand, Heidi pretty much crawled back to Lauren asking for her forgiveness. She went to Lauren's apartment and even brought pretty yellow flowers! And you know Lauren really missed Heidi's friendship back when her and Audrina had that teary fireside chat at the beach.

And honestly, who cares anymore about the sex video scandal! It's such old news now. It doesn't even matter if they did or didn't have one - even if they did, it's not exactly that scandalous - considering where they live and all. :)

On the other hand, Heidi is in love with a guy who seems to take pleasure in making Lauren miserable. They did a funny thing on the aftershow - they showed the clip of Heidi saying "Spencer doesn't hate you" followed by a montage of umpteen clips from various episodes where Spencer is totally trashing Lauren. Heehee.

So really - how well would their friendship work given the Spencer issue?

Changing topics - what the hell is wrong with Audrina??? Why is she so obsessed with a guy that just looks so filthy and gross and burps incessantly on their dates? And did Sean Kingston send flowers to just her or both her and Chiara?

Next week Heidi and Spencer break up... is this when that fake break up will come into play?

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John said...
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John said...

No, Heidi is ugly. And somebody should punch Spencer in the face.