Friday, November 23, 2007

Top Four "Did You See That?" Moments of the Week

American Music Awards - Well, I thought I was somewhat in touch with the teen set, but apparently not. Who the heck are the Jonas Brothers? Based on their performance at the AMAs, they are "hot stuff" with the tweens. I only mention them here because one of them did a nice recovery after falling during their big stage entrance. And boo for the much too hyped performance by Beyonce. They kept teasing that everyone would be talking about this performance. I expected some extravagant stage number with tons of dancers and flames and other special effects, etc. And it just ended up being a country version of "Irreplaceable" sung with some band called Sugarland.

Project Runway - The caliber of their celebrity guests is growing big time! Check out who visits the designers in the second week of this season. (I would have thought someone like her would be reserved for the finale, you know?)

Dancing with the Stars Results Show - Sabrina and Mark return and do an amazing performance to Avril Lavigne's "Complicated":

Grey's Anatomy - The last scene with Seth Green and his exploding artery. I was screaming when I saw that!!! Was anyone else scared that Bailey got hit between the crashing emergency vehicles? Or is anyone else still worried that Meredith is now stuck under one of them?

1 fascinating comment(s) from my friends:

Amanda said...

Holy crap about Sabrina and Mark - amazing performance. Avril is so BORING now. FOr the love of goodness - give that girl some caffeine or something. Utterly ridiculous.

I didn't see the other shows...was out drinking way too much on Thurs. night.