Tuesday, November 13, 2007

"You have to crash a brand new car to break it in."

These wise words were uttered during Bravo's The Real Housewives of Orange County (just starting their third season, by the way).

And guess what - no Jo or Slade this season! I'm a little disappointed since Jo was kind of entertaining. But Slade is annoying so I guess that's OK.

I found out some scoop here. Either Jo and Slade declined to appear because of Jo's recording commitments (yes, it's not just Heidi, but her, too) OR Bravo didn't invite them because Jo is no longer a "housewife" (which she never really was in the first place)since her and Slade broke up.

But bonus, rumor is that they may do a spin-off focusing on Jo and her musical ambitions.

Also, being a Big Ten girl, I'm not too familiar with the Cali schools, but I thought Berkeley was the smarty pants one? Apparently Jeana's daughter, Kara, is going there because she didn't get accepted to either of her top two choices, USC and UCLA. I'm worried for this SoCal girl... it's a big culture change to Berkeley.

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kirby said...

i thought that berkeley was the best california state school too - i wonder if it depends on the college/major?