Thursday, December 20, 2007

Oh give me a break, Heidi

Please humor me - let's just take a moment to really process this photo.

While I was at Walgreen's, I happened to notice Heidi on the cover of US Weekly announcing how her and Spencer are no longer engaged. And apparently she sold the story to the tabloid. I'm a little bit annoyed with myself that I had to stop and check out the article BUT at least I didn't spend any of my money on this garbage. Basically it was an interview with both her AND Spencer and even though they're no longer planning a wedding, they're still boyfriend and girlfriend.

This is supposed to be newsworthy?

And then you have this stupid, stupid, stupid photo! (A similar close-up version serves as the cover photo.) I mean, seriously, if you were bummed about having to call off your engagement, would you really agree to pose in a wedding dress with a pouty look on your face holding a photo of you and your former fiance surrounded by bridal magazines? It's just so contrived and insincere and just plain silly.

Ugh. Why do I even care???

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