Monday, December 03, 2007

The Smartest and the Dumbest Celebrities

And yet another tip from my sis (maybe she needs to start her own pop culture blog???)

Entertainment Weekly recently published a list with the top 50 smartest people in Hollywood.

Here's the top five:
1. Judd Apatow, director/writer/producer
2. Steven Spielberg, director/producer
3. James Cameron, director/producer
4. Ari Emanuel, partner of the Endeavor Agency
5. Will Smith, actor/producer

In response, the NY Daily News has published a list of the top 50 dumbest people in Hollywood.

And their top five:
1. Lindsay Lohan - poor movie choices ("I Know Who Killed Me"), delinquent behavior and bad taste in men
2. Kim Kardashian - because it is sad when you leak your sex tape and nobody cares
3. Spencer Pratt - who thinks his life on MTV's "The Hills" is reality - and believes we think so, too
4. Jeff Kwatinetz - the man that gave the okay for Britney Spears' disastrous MTV Video Music Awards performance
5. Shia LaBeouf - the 21 year-old "Transformers" star, for getting arrested while refusing to leave a Walgreens pharmacy

Thoughts? Personally, I enjoy any time Spencer Pratt is publicly ridiculed. Surprisingly, Paris Hilton doesn't appear in the dumb list at all which shocks me because she would be my #1, purely for that "dumb voice" she uses intentionally.

1 fascinating comment(s) from my friends:

John said...

Paris Hilton is as brilliantly saavy as Jessica Simpson. They have both leveraged an idiot persona into multi-million dollar enterprises. How can you fault that?