Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Expanding the Office fanbase!

I recently learned that my sister has never watched "The Office". Outrageous, I know! Turns out that she always wanted to, but didn't want to just jump in the middle. So a few months ago, I loaned my sister my entire DVD collection of "The Office". Yep, my sister was able to discover and enjoy seasons 1 through 3 all together without suffering through those painful "will they or won't they" cliffhangers!

Granted, she has a 9 month old baby (the CUTEST baby in the world, by the way!) so it's not like she can go in audgepodge mode and hibernate for an entire weekend to plow through the DVDs all at once. So it took a couple of months, but she finished them all and she loved them! Yay! We make a good team, I got her hooked on "The Office", she got me hooked on "Jon and Kate plus eight".

I wasn't sure if she would find them funny because the show is kinda quirky plus she's never really been in a stuffy office environment - before full-time momminess, her previous careers included being a social worker and a nursing assistant at a retirement home.

So I busted out laughing when she asked me (with a completely straight face) - "So do offices really have party planning committees???"

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Amanda said...

HAHAHAHA - don't tell her that I have been on one of those...