Thursday, March 27, 2008

In Treatment...

... is wicked addicting. So I'm glad this season is ending soon. At least I think it's ending, anyway.

When I first saw the commercials for this show, I thought, "Oh boy - that looks super boring." If you're not familiar with the show, here's the deal:

"In Treatment" is an HBO series starring Gabriel Byrne as a therapist named Paul treating a variety of patients. It's a half hour show that airs every day Monday through Friday. And every episode represents the therapy session between Paul and one of his patients. I usually catch the Wed-Fri shows. Wednesday is Sophie - a pre-teen competitive gymnast who has issues with her dad. Thursday is Jake (aka Knox Overstreet) and Amy (aka Natasha from "Bridget Jones' Diary" or McDreamy's sister) - a couple who is considering divorce. And on Friday, the tables are reversed because Paul then meets with his own therapist, Gina (Dianne Wiest).

Monday and Tuesday is Blair Underwood and Melissa George (not sure which is which) but I never seem to catch those. I know the Melissa George one must be juicy because she plays Laura who develops a thing for Paul and Paul in turn thinks he might be falling for her but he's married with kids plus the whole doctor/patient thing and stuff. The Laura drama usually spills into Paul's Friday session with Gina.

Anyway, it's actually a pretty good series that just sucks you in. I guess I like it because I'm a nosy person and I enjoy prying into people's personal lives. Even if they aren't real. :)

Plus, I've got about five different HBO channels (and now, IN DEMAND - woot woot!) so it seems like there is always an episode on. I actually don't even know what time the shows regularly appear.

So if you have HBO, I recommend. Be nosy like me!

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