Sunday, March 16, 2008

It's like they read my mind!!!

So thanks to my mom, I've been DVR-ing the Suze Orman show. I caught up on one today and I was thinking, you know, this would be a perfect person to impersonate on SNL. And I'm sitting here watching SNL right now (yes, I'll admit to watching SNL on a Saturday night) and guess what has just popped up??? A Suze Orman sketch!

OK, it just finished. Kristen Wiig did a decent job but I was hoping to see her bust out with a "DENIED! DENIED! You are SOOOOOOOO DENIED!!!" No such luck.

I love seeing how the SNL writers watch the same weird stuff I watch. Amy Poehler's interpretation of Christian "Hot Tranny Mess" Siriano was hilarious.

Maybe there will be a Jon & Kate plus Eight sketch next... :P

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Amanda said...

haha! She is such a caricature for sure. I downloaded her book "Women and Money" so that I can start trying to feel more involved with my finances. It's pretty good if you're looking for a recommendation. :)