Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Did Def Leppard lip sync last night?

I was pretty surprised to see them on the results show for DWTS... but did they really perform "Pour Some Sugar on Me" live? Because it sounded just like the recording I've been hearing since grade school.

And I *love* DanceCenter! So glad they brought it back this time.

Finally, how the heck is Cristian going to dance next week if his arm needs surgery?

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Anonymous said...

They did lip-sync on DWTS. I'm pretty sure Joe Elliott, the lead singer, is sick. They were on Ellen that same day, though it was recorded a day earlier. They definitely sang live, but he SO sounded sick. When Ellen went to greet the band, she hugged them all, but only half-hugged him and said, "Stay away from me!" He laughed and backed away. I imagine she said that jokingly so as not to get his germs. I know that is the case. I've NEVER seen them lip-sync before. And why else would they considering they had just sung live on Ellen the day before? They'll be on Jimmy Kimmel tonight. I'm interested to see their performance.

Evo Prime said...

Joe is just gettin over an upper respiratory tract infection. They postponed 6 shows to August because of it.

Renu said...

Hey Audreylicious!

Did you know about Cheryl Burke's Dance studio in Potrero Hill? I'm trying to convince Neeraj... wish me luck :)