Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Idol Gives Back Highlight #1: Oh, how I've missed you, SYTYCD!

OK, I'm only 5 minutes into the "Idol Gives Back" special and I already know I'll be saving this one on my DVR for awhile. The opening number was amazing!!! I heard the dancers from "So You Think You Can Dance" were going to open, but I didn't know it would be dancers from all the previous seasons! SO. AWESOME.

Plus they danced to one of my current favorite tunes. Rhianna is my girl.

Heck - I might even shell out some money to the cause, it was so good!

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Kelly Gerlach said...

I tuned in late so I missed this! Just downloaded it from iTunes and have already watched it 4 times. It was so good to see some old favorites.