Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Curious about those SYTYCD tickets to Vegas?

... or is just me?

My favorite dance show, So You Think You Can Dance, is back - yay! We start with the audition rounds. If you make it to the next round (similar to Hollywood for American Idol), you get a ticket to Vegas.

Now on Idol, your ticket to Hollywood is some generic looking yellow piece of paper. But on SYTYCD, you get this very legitimate looking old school paper plane ticket. You know, the kind you used to get before the era of e-ticketing.

And I wondered - can you still get generic plane tickets? With no name associated with them? I know, I know, why am I wondering about this??? I can't help it. I like useless info! (See previous post.)

Anyway, on tonight's episode, I actually paused my DVR on a close up of a ticket so that I can examine it.

What did I learn?


I know, no surprise. But they make it look pretty real. Except that the "ticket" is slightly larger and the airline is "SYTYCD Airlines".

Anyway, you know that mom that brought all her kids to the audition and did sort of a hip hop routine? Is that what I looked like during all those dance recitals that I dragged all my friends and family to???

Eh... don't answer that.

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