Sunday, June 01, 2008

Something special about him...

I don't know what it is, but I always get a kick when I see Johnny Depp show up at cheesy award shows, like tonight's MTV Movie Awards. He's just such a cool "A-list" kind of a guy that I would think he would be above it, but no, he's all getting the popcorn award!

The reaction from the crowd was hilarious. I didn't watch the whole show but it looked like he was a surprise guest and probably didn't walk the red carpet or sit in the theater. I think Diablo Cody was practically fanning herself!

Tom Cruise definitely didn't get the same reaction later on.

Anyway, Johnny Depp... definitely still keeps his spot on my Top 5. (Which I will admit that I copied off my sister's Top 5, since he used to be a little too creepy, grungey for me until she showed me the light.)

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John said...

Best humor that was too subtle for the MTV crowd: Lindsay Lohan, Vern Troyer, P-Diddy = Hilary Clinton, John McCain, Barack Obama. Judging by the crickets chirping, I don't think anybody in the audience got it.